All nations should have more access to their “local” mercenaries

Asians used to have “unique” mercenaries (put into the shared pool after DE), and still several cards for them.
Swedes, Africans and US can access mercenaries from a lot of sources (some of which are not even accessible to their home countries like the cannoneer or Napoleon gun).

I think all civs should have one or two additional cards for their “local” mercenaries.

As for the concern that this may break balancing: first of all most cards are not used in serious competitive matches including most existing mercenary cards. Also China do not lack good skirmishers but they can still send a bunch of iron troopers and even buff them. If that is not causing problems then it should be fine for most other civs.


Bonjour, je trouve ton raisonnement que chaque civilisations devrait avoir accès à son mercenaire local judicieux, en tout cas ce serais plus logique pour les civs Européennes au lieu d’avoir toute accès aux Ronins.

French - zouave, napoleon gun
British - Harquebusier, Highlander
Dutch - Hackapell, swiss pikemen
Ottomans - Desert warrior/archer/raider, Barbair marksman/corsair, adding these mercs would help to round up their army composition
Spanish - I really think they should have access to all central american natives shipments, historically speaking makes sense.
Portuguese - Canoneers
Russia - Manchu


Some of them are already accesible, like Russian having Manchu horse archers.

I did a post some time ago:

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Agreed on leveling the plain field. On this regard and for it to go both ways…

Asians should have a way to access Age V mercenaries
Have more infinite mercenary cards (specially in Age IV) like Europeans
Extend the effect of some cards to apply to their mercenaries (Euro example: Cav attack, HI defense, etc)

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The nice thing about cards is that you can add more historical contents without significantly impacting the gameplay (unlike other aoes where adding or changing techs and bonuses essentially overhauls the entire civ).
As there seems to be no plan for campaigns, these cards could make single player more interesting.

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