All Taunts Pack

All Taunts Pack
Check it out here
lmk what you think

Updated 999 Classic taunts to just be “All Taunts Pack” since now there’s more than 999.
This weekend I changed the order around to match the numbers with a couple other mods that have the same taunts, so if someone else is using another taunt, you might know what they think they’re saying.

Includes the following and more (up to #1293)
Ace Ventura
Austin Powers
Monty Python
South Park
Family Guy
Rick And Morty
Billy Madison
Invader Zim and GIR
Lord of the Rings
Gordon Ramsay
Happy Gilmore
Pulp Fiction
Nigel Thornberry
Barack Obama
Donald Trump
Mr. Rogers
Wayne’s World
Army Of Darkness
Adam Sandler
Jim Carrey
Beavis And Butthead
Ren & Stimpy
Counter Strike
Star Wars
Star Trek

this taunt pack, does it modify the bnk file? and are the .wem files placed under resources > _common > drs > sounds folder?

if so I think latest patch broke custom sound mods, could do me a favor and try to see if it still works? if not please let the devs know on this bug report thread. With Oct 20th 41855 patch, Audio mod no longer works in game

.wem files are put into \resources\en\sound\taunt
I’ve never touched a bnk file.
Works for me with no problem…
Edit: oh there was an update today, oh god no… let me check

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thanks for helping checking

Try it again after closing and reopening the game, it’s working for me now all of a sudden.