Almost had it with this failure of a game

So I bought a house with ten rooms. After I paid the house and moved in, I’m only able to enter one room. The other nine or closed for me. Dah?
Here’s the thing with this game: You bought it but you can’t do a lot with it because you paid the full price but only get ten percent of what you paid for.
How do I enter this games files (please don’t botter with answering with a technical manner, i’m an amateur) so I can use mods I installed? (I installed 3 AI mods, none show up in the editor, when i try to install them directly into the sourcemap => not allowed. Whaaaaat? I f*cking paid for this game!)

The biggest failure of this game is his accessibility …
Many ‘old’ AOEII-gamers are used to modding easily, now modding is like torture, it’s terrible, it’s bad.
That is what the designers - dreaming of big money - thought: we redesign the game and … success!

They should have produced a game that was not only fun to play, but also fun to mod. None of this happened.

So, i’m gonna try one more time:
CAN ANYBODY TELL ME HOW THE ■■■■ DO I ACCESS AGE OF EMPIRES II DEFINITIVE EDITION? Simply and slowly explained (step by step), not all gamers a computerfreaks :slight_smile:

Maybe my answer in other topic helps you?

Thanks, it seems they don’t really care. But they got our money … buggers :slight_smile:

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