Alternate Campaigns

If you had to replace the current campaigns by something else, which ones would you pick for the current civs.

The slavic magyar turk campaign with anything else.Vlad dracula is not a slavic person.

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  1. Replace Bari with a Belisarius campaign (or maybe Heraclius)
  2. Prithviraj-ise Dracula (especially if Romanians are added)
  3. Turn William Wallace into a fully fledged campaign
  4. Remove some of the historical battles to replace them with campaigns (Bukhara turned into Khosrau, Lake Poyang into Zhu Yuanzhang/Hongwu or maybe a larger “Red Turban Rebellion” campaign, possibly one of the Turk/Japanese/Viking scenarios…)

Sicilians renamed as Normans for William Of Normandy scenario.

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Yeah,about Bari think the same…Bari is very meh campaign…with Belisarius you would have a campaign in the VI century with Pakal for the Mayans in the VII century being the another campaign…William Wallace is a simple campaign because is a tutorial campaign (the same happens with Egyptian campaign in AoE 1)…about Red Turban rebellion,yeah sound fine,but the problem is what you have another Red Turban rebellion in the XIX century,so the Hogwu will be better name for that…

It’s improbable…William Wallace was designed as tutorial campaign in mind and i don’t think they will change that…more if you have a more proper campaign with Longshanks…

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Oh, yeah, I… know that (obviously?)
I just think it should be more than a tutorial campaign.

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  • Jayavarman VII for Khmer.
  • Montezuma [sic] from the point of view of Tlaxcala.
  • William Wallace but it doesn’t say to stop training villagers when you have 10.
  • Um…
  • Tariq, Yodit and Sundjata replaced with campaigns that are actually fun.
  • Hautevilles replaced with something less gimmicky. (Or at least give it a more accurate difficulty rating.)

I recently replayed the original Ascent of Egypt campaign and it has much more to it than William Wallace. The AI is more aggressive, and the map layouts – especially resource distribution – are much more interesting. I’m not sure if this is still true in the DE remake though.

I’m not sure wether the DE will just update the old AoE1 campaigns or replace them entirely with new ones closer to the AoE2 ones, centered around a short period of time and not too many characters.
At the very least I hope we’ll get a longer Caesar campaign.

Oh, by “the DE remake” I meant the campaign from AoE1DE, not whatever the Return of Rome campaigns turn out to be. The one I played recently was the original CD version. I agree that the Caesar campaign is too short though.

Oh, sorry, I misunderstood…
But yeah, Caesar’s campaign somehow cut through the entire war of the Gauls to only give us the invasion of Britain and then we have Alesia and his entire military career seems to be over. That’s a little bit frustrating.

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I enjoyed Sundjata, but maybe it was just me. I liked the final couple of levels a lot, they were grindy, but it was actually really satisfying, because it turned into efficiently removing the enemy (this was for the second to last), and figuring out how to beat the last one in time to stop the wonder victory (that took like 3 goes at least).


I’ve yet to play many of the official campaigns, mainly because I was turned off by how bad many of the FE era ones were. Even the best of the official ones (Montezuma, Genghis Khan, El Cid, mayyybe Gajah Mada) never quite captured the magic that amateurs like Ingo van Thiel were able to create in his (AoE1 and 2) custom campaigns. I can’t quite put my finger on what I don’t like about them, but there seems to be a pervasive stuffiness and dearth of personality such that, if you’ve played two or three of them, it seems like you’ve played them all.

So on that basis, I’d be open to a rework or embellishment of most campaigns. But mainly I’m interested in new campaigns for civs that don’t have them yet (Mayas, Chinese, Vikings, Japanese, etc), as well as getting new civs. You know, once the devs have outgrown their “AoE2 content, but it’s AoE1!” phase.

I think it’s better than Tariq and Yodit, but clearly these things are a matter of personal taste. As far as I can tell, my tastes are atypical; for example, I dislike Hautevilles, but I’ve never known anyone else say a bad word about it. Meanwhile, The Mountain Siege (which seems to be otherwise universally hated) is one of my favourite scenarios.

If by the FE era ones you mean the ones from The Forgotten, those were all reworked for DE and the other official campaigns are nothing like that.

Interesting to see your list of the best official campaigns, since El Cid and Montezuma are probably among the worst to me.

Yes, as well as the AK campaigns. People say they were all reworked, but apart from new voice recordings, I’m not certain about what else was changed (if anything). I played Pachacuti about a year ago, and it was as bad as ever, a real struggle to finish. In any case, two or three bad/boring campaigns is quite enough to sap my desire to be a completionist, or to continue campaigns that start down a bland road.

I wouldn’t put too much weight on that given that half of those are probably carried there by nostalgia and their novelty at the time (and I’ve not played many of the newer campaigns). I probably liked El Cid more than the campaign deserved mainly due to story/character reasons (and still remember being wowed as a wee lad by the horse mounting trigger), and El Cid being the most interesting person in Medieval western Europe to me. Also a lot of nostalgia with the Monty Z campaign as it reminds me of when AoC was released (and there was also an AoC demo with the first Montezuma scenario that I probably played a dozen times). Even so, I do find the Montezuma campaign genuinely fun (if a little easy), and the first scenario seems to have more personality than the entire Inca campaign, what with the “growl of a Jaguar,” temple of tlaloc (or is that in 2?), and the island of skeletons. Very memorable and iconic stuff, versus the paint-by-numbers design of some other campaigns, that leave me little to remember them by beyond how much of a slog they were to finish. Sure, the final scenario goes off the rails historically, (and to your point would be more plausible from a Tlaxcala POV campaign), but it was still fun.

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Bari- Justinians restoration
Ivaylo- Ivan Asen
Vlad- Demitry Donskoy
Sforza- League of Cambrai

What about a Khan Krum campaign?

Sundjata is pretty fun imo

Did you play the DE Alaric campaign? It’s a whole new campaign. FE version was really underwhelming but DE is top notch

Pachacuti wasn’t the Inca campaign in HD, it was El Dorado. Pachacuti is not a rework, is a new campaign


Oh, I definitely have nostalgia for them, and I do enjoy playing them. The campaign I have the most nostalgia for is Tamerlane, Prince of Destruction. I haven’t played it for about 20 years, of course…

Maybe it’s just me who didn’t like Sundjata…

This is one of my favourite campaigns, even though AoE2 doesn’t do a great job of representing the 4th century.


I’ve not, but I’ll have to check it out soon.

My bad. Not super encouraging based on how insipid I found it, but part of that can probably be chalked up to there only being 1 civ for all of South America (with token Aztec/Maya units for a little variety). TBF I’m guessing I’d like most of the new ones I haven’t tried yet more than this.

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