Amazing Red Bull Wololo V

Amazing games so far
Great production and excellent first-round matches
It has surprised me why Sicilians have been chosen so much


I havent really looked at the games. Do they use the same maps again? Or do they have new fun maps? In that case i would suggest adding them to the game as well. Most RBW maps are pretty good for ranked as well.

Some old, some new afaik. I think Aftermath is a new map, which is picked pretty often.

How did they fare? Were they finally good? Did Hauberk destroy archer civs?

Their scouts are really good, I don’t think I saw Hauberk in any of the games.

Iirc they lost all the games but one. And I don’t think we saw hauberk bc it comes in quite late for such an aggressive game mode.

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Well it’s like 3 games total, 1/3 win rate is not too bad imo (taken into account the small sample size)

Ah, a pity, I wanted to see if Hauberk was so oppressive as people claim to be, and I thought a pro tournament would have shown the truth.

The tourney just started yesterday so you still might see it. Also not sure if ew is the best settings since most games are decided earlier.

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Funny enough, the Sicilians change of the Imperial Technology now makes them a good civ despite Hauberk not being used mainly because the games don’t reach Imperial Age in EW

Cumans are now a very good civ in EW; closed to be OP

Du dum!.. Du dum!! … (20 characters)

Why do they even keep streaming at this point? 11

Worst streaming ever
Can’t believe this is happening in an event like this
They should move everything one day

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Internet in Germany. It won’t get worse anywhere in the world…

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Maybe just don’t do it in a freakin castle next time 11

We need a real LAN mode without internet connection 11


Nothing special about the Heidelberg Chateau. It’s a event location as any other. Also with a “normal” German (probably business) Internet Connection. But Dodgy Internet is concidered normal here in Germany.

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Hosting a heavy Internet event in Germany is an interesting decision.

In two weeks is general election over here… Maybe a new government will fix what capitalism won’t.

Pretty sure that won’t happen considering voters for some reason startet digging out a dead party in lack of alternatives…

However even if the Internet is generally bad here this shouldn’t happen. Unless heidelberg somehow has the worst internet of all german cities…