AMD Graphic Cards - Poor performance/FPS drop/timeframe bug - temporary FIX


So over a year ago, i purchased a new computer with a AMD graphic card , and quickly noticed that this new computer was more laggy than my old system with a NVIDIA card when trying to play AoEDE II, but every other game was running fine…

I tried a million fixes: Re-installing game, wiping drivers, reinstalling drivers, formatting the whole system, changed ssd, 3rd party graphic card software, all the settings possible in radeon panel etc.

I finally found a fix after doing some online digging and noticing this was a recurrent issue with AMD cards and old video games or games not running on brand new technology.

I could have shared the fix earlier, but as I am upset with the devs of this game prioritizing pumpkins over optimization, i figured the devs team had enough time on their hand to figure this out.

But it is not the case and the most recent update has also capped FPS at 60 (completely hilarious if you ask me).

The fix:

so basically AMD newer cards, have this technology, green-eco efficiency
when they sense that no power is required to run the card, the card auto downclock itself (base clock)
and essentially, two things happens with AoE2 DE, there is a delay between the card downclocking itself and reclocking itself upwards based on usage (ie looking at a town center with a few vills versus a huge army battle), which causes frame time lag, its jumpy, fps goes up and down etc. You might be running high fps but its jumping around and very slugging.

with NVIDIA, you can simply select to the run card at full performance, but with AMD you cant.

to fix this, two things must be done

1st: you need to force a consistent voltage with a base clock speed high enough to force good performance (using the radeon control panel tuning system - see link below) - so here on the graph, you need to keep a singular voltage (take the highest voltage of your highest dot, and use this voltage for the 3 dots you’ll put on the graph

Do not copy my settings - my card is likely different than yours.

now the thing is, AMD’s green eco technology will override this fix above, and it will trigger what we call ‘deep sleep’ mode which resets the core base clock to very low figures.

so these ‘ds’ settings must be deactivated, but you cannot do that without the help of a 3rd party software

These settings, are what we call soft powerplay tables.

This is what I used to disable those DS settings - i recommend reading the whole article:

Once you have disabled the ds settings - you need to recreate the forced voltage setting mentioned earlier.

PS: The recent 60 fps cap is literally not helping Radeon cards maintain a high clockrate to play the game, so i assume a lot would be lagging. The fix currently is to enable VSYNC if you have a high refresh monitor rate, but this causes some nasty input command delays similar to playing on voobly with 350-400 ping.



Hi @ChriSt6836 !

Thank you for your detailed post and your investigation, I have attached it to our ticket. :heart:

So if I use this “fix”. My card will use more electricity? Can I use this fix in a profile that is working only if I start AoE 2 DE?

Because I have alot of free-wheel-time on my pc, watching stuff, working office. So for me this fix would only make sense if I can bound it via profile specific on AoE 2 DE.
I would even like to see an patch/fix from AMD it self because this sleep/energy save mode should cause problems in other old software too, right?

I would say to 99% that this stuff is causing the problem. Would make alot of sense.

You can create a profile in the tuning panel just for AoEDE yes. AMD have been aware of this for 2 years and have not fixed it.

Google ‘amd frame drops stuttering’

would amd r7 265x be considered one of these newer cards?

No, only rdna cards have that really low clockspeeds when the gpu isn’t stressed.

Anyway i don’t have any lag while using vsync, but i feel others lag on teamgames when they have huge fps drops lol in current patch.

So just want to add my story. I have a
XFX Radeon RX 6600 XT 8GB Speedster SWFT 210 Graphics Card.

I have always experienced these stutters ever since I purchased it in Novemeber 2021. Because of thisn I reverted to my “trusted” AMD Vega 11 integrated GPU which ran fine. With this latest patch the stutering started happening again. I reverted back to using my RX 6600 after hearing the latest driver updates might have sorted it.

I disabled deep sleep and configured the base clock as guided by OP. It improved things a bit but GPU utilisation was still really poor even though the clock speed was now consistent.

I then installed the latest pup_january - public update preview - January - which is available for testing and again saw improvements however get this… whenever I lay farms or the enemy lays farms (if all visible) causes the crippling unplayable stuttering… all other foundations are fine to spam and dont impact performance.

I then tried running my performance tests again but this time recording the screen to force some higher GPU utilisation and that sorted it! It does mean that I need to screen record every game I play whis is far from ideal.

Its a tiny bit laggy still and GPU utilisation sits at around 34 percent; however, it is very playable!

I got this GPU so I could play AOE4 ironically, which has good consistent GPU utilisation without having to screen record :slight_smile:

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I have a Radeon 5700XT and also noticed poor graphic performance after the last update.
Probably due to what the author described

Hello sirs and madams

After a long time there are some points and a question I would like to add and ask.

First off all - I noticed when you freshly start the game. In the first game you play is takes some time after lagg appears (if you do benchmark first - benchmark should run without stutters). After a time stutters begin. When you start a second game without restarting AoE it laggs from the beginning. Third game the same.
Can someone confirm my observation?

Second thing is I noticed. The most heavly stuttering/laggs happen when you place farms.
Can someone confirm?

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So the amd graphic cards have issues with the game. Does anyone know if they are going to fix it?

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Please fix this bug. I have a laptop with Nvidia 3070 and AMD CPU with Radeon integrated graphics. I have not been able to play AoE II at all the last month or so because of the lag. It is unbearable.

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Hello everyone!

The ones who still have issues can you share with us your Enhanced logs and dxdiags? It could help us a lot to investigate the issue


I remebered I had my old RX 470 8 GB in the basement. I use it now and can play AoE 2 without laggs or stutters <3

Age2SessionData.txt (128 Bytes)
t](upload://oNsygJJDpksZ9zFZqhiennph7ei.txt) (11.6 KB)

Attached are some logs. Can provide more if required.

This is exactly what I am experiencing. I have a 6900XT and this is the only game where I see stutters. It is very annoying.