AMD stuttering fixed in october 21 patch

But is this issue connected to the one everyone is now having? Not sure. You say you had problems since 15 months ago. How do we know its the same problem that only started yesterday for most of us?

Good question! We have downgraded AoE2 DE patch by patch (from latest to backward) and the issue stopped occurring in 21 October 2020 patch. Is it happening to everyone or just this AMD series? We can’t confirm that until user engage in this thread. One thing for sure in the past few months, We have had a lot of AMD “GPU” users in our reddit r/aoe2 complaining about lag and stutter besides a few others that got in touch with me through discord with the same complain.
That brings us here with this finding that hopefully will be tested by AMD users and investigated by developers.

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No it’s a separate issue that some users of amd gpus have. It’s not all amd users though. However afaik no one could really explain so far what’s the reason for that and why some people have it while others don’t despite using same gpu models and identical drivers. Anyways this has nothing to do with performance problems of recent patch.

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Greg did you read this thread already?

Waht do you mean? I think this user found the problem with the AMD cards - makes alot of sense what hes writing.

The AMD stuttering gets fixed by my fix. That said, the recent patch added on top some bad performance issues, and this time its not just AMD users.

I would suggest going backward with the patch.

this has nothing to do with your fix, but many people have it.

It fixed both issues (fps drop/stuttering and frame time delay). I had the frame delay before too.

I also enabled smart access memory.

But i must admit that the time frame delay - i also played around with the internal monitor settings using a 3rd party software that i do not remember the name.

This happens in 1v1’s as well for me. So it’s not just when the game is running heavy.

Well some users here clearly are spinning a different narrative. They even got this pinned to the aoe2 reddit, misleading all the users/players that this issue is the same one that they are all experiencing.

We are not misleading - these users are just not able to read correctly and you know what it is their problem. I have my own. For decades I’m not able to play and enjoy this game. Since release the time period were I was not able to play is larger then the playable period. Even with different system.
I’m sorry that the masses now expierence this issue - but here is nothing misleading. This topic is worth to pinned there because I’m not the only one that can’t play for that hugh amount of time.
1 Day after patch game is not working everyone is going wild - image how you would feel if it would be months or a year.

Yesterday evening - patch with FPS limiter got released. I played a game 4on4 DM with bots - had no lag (after I put FPS to unlimited). Was so exited - screamed for joy - unbelievable - today - the hard truth hit my again. I tried online - stutters returned. Tested it offline again - stutters laggs after sometime. Will test some more but only half-assed - mentaly I already gave up.

I still had the feeling that FPS limiter had some impact on this whole problem. This one game made me believe. Can people with AMD GPUs like 6600 XT say how their game is running now?
Maybe we could find a way to turn off this eco/energy save technology from amd for AoE 2 DE? So that the card runs fully when playing and not going into sleep mode.

Hello boys and girls

After a long time I tried some AoE again (was testing a different PCI slot - 4.0 → 3.0 - didnt made a difference)and I noticed somethings. There are some points and a question I would like to add and ask.

First off all - I noticed when you freshly start the game. In the first game you play is takes some time after lagg appears (if you do benchmark first - benchmark should run without stutters). After a time stutters begin. When you start a second game without restarting AoE it laggs from the beginning. Third game the same.
Can someone confirm my observation?

Second thing is I noticed. The most heavly stuttering/laggs happen when you place farms.
Can someone confirm?

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Hello ladies and gentlemen
Small update. I remeberd I had my old RX 470 8 GB in the basement. So I tried it and it works fine now. Can play AoE 2 without sutters or issues. My RX 6600 XT is chilling here in the meanwhile until problem is fixed.
Bye have a nice day

Hello, two years have passed since the last comment on the post and the stuttering problem with AMD continues to this day. Seriously, there is no solution? It’s very embarrassing on the part of the AMD/AOE2 team. I have a 6700XT and it has been impossible for me to play a ranked game without having to quit due to not being able to move due to so much lag.

The game can’t stress enough the gpu to wake up so it is constantly going to sleep during gameplay, just open another 3D app, such as youtube running a 4k video with hardware acceleration on, try to stream or record the game with obs or open another game.

I am still using a 6600xt gpu, while playing aoe2 i have to run vlc playing an animation and using the gpu radeon metrics overlay and that makes my game playable with no stutters as the gpu clock stays above 1200mhz most of the time, also crank up all the visual effects the more you can stress the gpu the better for aoe2.

so it sounds like it isn’t really “sleep” per se but rather than frequency adjustment on AMD’s card/firmware doesn’t seem to kick in quick enough, or rather than frequency stays low if there isn’t enough load hence the suttering?

doesnt AMD come with some sort of profile to always run card at a certain frequency? even old nvidia cards from like 10+ years ago have nvidia inspector and you can change profile to always run at certain level, and choose to enter certain performance level (no downclocking, or at least to a levle of your choice)

Yeah you can set a profile for aoe2 and clock it to whatever frequency you want, but the problem is the architecture itself, it was built to be efficient so even with custom profiles the GPU clock goes as low as 30 mhz when the load is minimal and you can feel those lows even if they last like one second.

My advice is to try the methods i listed before as they are easier to reproduce and more effective.

As for AMD this is a common issue for rx 5000 and 6000, rx 7000 is different as they decoupled the shaders clock and the gpu clock, while in the previous generations they are clocked at the same speed.

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it is mind boggling how poorly optimized this spaghetti bowl of a game is

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thats pretty bad. I can understand the efficient part but most GPU and CPU have ability to disable performance level. like c-state on intel’s CPU, or performance state with nvidia GPU.

if this is really the case for AMD’s GPU then perhaps just create a shortcut to load the aoe2 steam game + launch an 8k local movie or something lmao.

actually no, if what @SouBotsito observed is correct then this is more on AMD’s hardware. clearly the firmware/vbios is incapable of detecting low usage thus throttling itself thats no fault of program

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