An autoqueue poll

It’s about time we see how much of the community hates/loves this idea.

  • Autoqueue should not be added to AoE2 DE because it will destroy an important macromanagement aspect of the game and turn the game into a mostly micromanagement contest. It would literally break the game and turn this into overhauled edition instead of definitive edition! Taking a lot of the APM out of the game would also take a lot of the real-time aspect out of RTS!
  • Autoqueue should be added because players will be able to focus on other things like microing or what units to make without having to have much APM if they can just click a button and the units keep being made for them. It doesn’t matter if it takes a big part of the game away because some new players or fans of other RTS games don’t like queueing units manually!

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Personally, I think autoqueue is the worst idea I have ever heard for AoE2. So, if I am right and think that most of the community also dislikes the idea of autoqueue but many of the autoqueue fans are more vocal than the anti-autoqueue people, probably due to being tired of arguing about why it’s a bad idea, then I think that a poll is the solution as it will give the opinions of both the vocal and non-vocal people, on this matter.

It is absolutely vital that a huge change to the game doesn’t get implemented if the vast majority are against it. So let’s vote on it.

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We have made this poll like 5 times, and always wins NO. Please stop. Leave the game like this

I don’t want AQ. I HATE the idea of AQ. I didn’t realize there was already a vote on this. I don’t remember seeing any polls on it, just arguments about it. I wanted it to be heard how popular/unpopular the idea really is so that a few loud voices didn’t have a drastic influence over the best game of all time.

Your poll probably has no impact anyway, because results are not visible, unless person has voted. This means, that if developers will remain neutral, then they won’t ever see results :man_facepalming:

Here is a proper poll with visible results (thanks to me)

A poll on this topic already exists. Please contribute to that topic here.