Non-biased Auto-Queue poll

Would you like if unit auto-queue features were implemented in AoE2 DE?

  • Yes, unit Auto-queue for both Town Centers and Military buildings.
  • Yes, but for Town Centers Only.
  • Yes, but for Military Buildings Only.
  • No, I wouldn’t like auto-queue options in the game.

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For reference:


You should have made it so, that people (especially developers) can see results without voting. Now people are forced to vote for some option even if they haven’t decided, what they want or don’t want to vote.

Won’t they be able to see it after I close the poll?

I don’t know. I see no point in closing the poll. Why take away possibility to vote or change vote based on discussion?

Currently developers might never see results of this poll if they don’t vote (remain neutral), which makes your entire poll pointless.
I don’t see how pushing people to vote by making it only way to see results makes anything better. This might force people to vote for option they really don’t support 100%.

People, who are not signed up for these forums, can’t see results, etc.

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I’ll try changing it, then.

Well I messed up the poll somehow lol.
People will have to vote again but it should be always visible now.


Thank you for making this poll. I hope it gets some traction.

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So, we need more auto queueing!

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1111have you seen the results?


Probably responded when the voters for auto queue were more

the votes werent that different 20 minutes ago 11

Well my bad I guess 11

I was responding to the lack of responses. Because the conversation was happening in a different thread people might not be aware that there was a less bias poll available to them.

In the last 20 minutes, we have had 2 more people vote.

Well, you could send a post there about the poll…

Copying and pasting on the phone is a chore.

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How is this poll any less biased than the other one’s? Will you just go making new polls till it swings in your favour and then exclaim everyone’s been wanting it all along?

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there is a way how things are meant to be asked. If you ask more automatic then anyone will say no. that poll was certainly biased.

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This is just bad reasoning. The last poll was made from someone’s POV and implied against automation. Making it clear, I despise automation.

I think everyone understands the meaning of the poll.

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I was the creator of the other poll. Result were similar

Want an auto function for that? 11