An idea to help balance water -- Landmarks

What if landmarks were given civ unique buffs to water units too? Put a specific water buff onto each landmark to make the choice of landmark still remain and relevant for water maps.

Also – I kindof wish I could load mongol packed gers and steppe redoubt into transport ships. Went Steppe redoubt because I thought Kurultai wouldn’t be much use, but the gold was almost finished on my original island anyway.

Anyways hope someone likes my idea!


I like your idea.

It is better than having Landmarks specifically made for water, which either makes it a no-brainer whether it is land or sea map. But, if most Landmarks also come with a little water bonus, it will allow a player to more selectively pick Landmarks that are appropriate for water or not, depending on the game.

It would help spice up water gameplay without hurting land based decision making. Seeing as the two are essentially separated, it might as well make sense to do it this way. Also like the idea of putting packed buildings into transport ships. Love the image of invading an island with a bunch of buildings. :slight_smile:

I realise this is a tangent to my original idea of putting water related buffs on landmarks to help balance water, however regarding transporting packed buildings, for clarity, I am a big fan of balancing the game not necessarily via direct nerfs or buffs, but with quality of life and APM skillcap demand balance changes.

For example, evidently being able to put 10-20 packed buildings on a transport ship would be imbalanced. However, if the player could only put one packed building on a transport ship at a time it would be so APM intensive that realistically players wouldn’t transport many buildings, probably just important things (Kurultai, Steppe redoubt, maybe a TC or a prayer tent), and if they needed to build a stable or archery range they’d just build it on the island needed.

Lastly, I think it’s really annoying that the Khan always respawns at the main TC on island maps. If I made another TC on a second island where the action is (such as on migration map), it would be a nice quality of life thing to be able to specify from which TC the khan spawns from so he can go straight back into combat where he is needed.

Hello AoE4 community,

I’ve gone through the landmarks list and given some thought to how landmarks could be used to make water gameplay more exciting, and possibly help rebalance it without impacting land maps. The intention would be to use landmark water buffs for each civ so they can leverage the buffs and make water less dependent on if you win it or not, or more easy to defend.

For clarity, I want to say these are just ideas and I’m not a dev and haven’t done any balance testing. Just an idea to shakeup things. That said, I’d love some feedback from the community. If the dev team picks this up, I’d be absolutely flattered and honored.

Now, by each civ and landmark, my ideas are as follows:

All civs general change: Dock can garrison up to 5 ships, and naval defensive arrowslits cost is changed (devs can decide how), but doesn’t cost stone (mongols used ovoo wood on the dock and ships).

Trade wing: 1 trade ship spawns at each dock available when trade wing is constructed. Trade wing technologies also apply to trade ships, but grand bazaar is reduced to 10% from 25%.
Economic wing: Fishing ship cost reduced by 20% if Fresh Foodstuffs researched. Improved processing also applies to fishing ships.
Culture wing: Proselytization enables religious units garrisoned on transport ships to also convert individual naval units. Preservation of knowledge applies to naval technologies.
Military wing: Spawns one arrow ship per dock constructed. If imperial age, spawns one Springald ship per dock constructed. Otherwise, no buffs.

General: Since China can build all landmarks, naval buffs are to be by Dynasty instead of by landmark.
Tang Dynasty: Fishing ship sight radius increased
Song Dynasty: Fishing ship cost reduced, fishing ship gather rate increased (no idea if this would be balanced on hybrid)
Yuan Dynasty: All ship speeds increased by 10%. Demolition ship speed increased by 15%.
Ming Dynasty: Docks can get upgraded with defensive to Nest of Bees emplacements which only shoots naval units.

General change: Trade ships (or transport, will let devs decide) have an aura that heals military ships nearby, letting them act as supports. Healing auras can stack up to 4 times. Can allow devs to balance.
Tower of victory: Fishing ships get 20% more attack speed
Dome of the Faith: Research time of naval upgrades reduced by 40%
House of learning: Hearty rations increases fish carry capacity by 10, Lookout towers also applies to docks, reinforced foundations allows more fishing ships to garrison and fire arrows in docks, Tranquil aura buffs trade/transport ships naval healing aura
Compound of the defender: Dock and outpost/keep emplacements can attack all enemy units (i.e. both naval and land)
Hisar Academy: Change to also generate 1 wood every 5 seconds for every dock constructed and naval technology researched
Palace of the Sultan: Transport ships garrisoned with Tower elephants shoot handcannons. (I guess?)

Abbey of the kings: Demolition ships get +1 armor
Council Hall: Arrow ships get +1 range and +1 arrow per volley
White tower: Naval springald emplacement can be upgraded at dock
Kings palace: Fishing ships carry 25% more food
Berkshire Palace: Docks get naval fire arrow defences, if White tower was constructed, docks can upgrade to long range naval fire springald emplacements
Wynguard palace: Batch training of military ships enabled. Balance and cost to be adjusted by devs.

School of Cavalry: School of Cavalry is given a unique technology which gives demolition ship a manually activated charge ability buffing it’s speed by 20% for 7 seconds. Allows demolition ships to connect easier with targets. Can alternatively be researched at Castle Age but is expensive.
Chamber of commerce: Trains one free trade ship and one free trader per economic technology researched

Guild hall: I think this can be left as is.
Royal institute: Long guns technology added to royal institute
College of artillery: Gunpowder buffs apply to naval gunpowder units
Red palace: Docks get naval arbaletrier emplacements.

Aachen Chapel: Fishing ships within dock aura are inspired if a fishing ship is garrisoned inside. Dock aura radius can be individually upgraded to be increased by 50% larger.
Meinwerk Palace: Contains an additional armour upgrade for military ships. Can only be researched at Meinwerk.
Bergrave Palace: Docks produce springald ships 50% faster
Regnitz Cathedral: A dock with a relic garrisoned inside produces inspired ships. Inspired ships travel 10% faster, and have a damage buff.
Elzbach palace: Unlocks cannon emplacement in docks, can only shoot naval units. Dock cannon emplacement splash damage is friendly fire (so it can damage allied and your own units). Dock can be set to hold fire.
Palace of Swabia: Idea 1) Economic ships return wood when arriving at dock by salvaging “driftwood” they find along their routes. The longer the route, the more driftwood returned. Relationship Is linear, not exponential like trade. Idea 2) An enemy ship’s death leaves behind driftwood which is salvaged. Acts similar to Piracy, but only applies to wood.

General change: Docks auras additionally act as toll docks for trade ships. Positioning of docks along trade route is encouraged. Trade ships can be tolled up to 4 times.
Sahara trade network: Toll dock aura can be upgraded at individual docks to be 150% larger (to make up if you positioned it improperly, or for geographical restrictions), and naval toll yields are increased by 10%
Mansa Quarry: The Dock closest to the mansa quarry yields additional passive wood. If destroyed this dock acts as a like a landmark and must be repaired to full to generate passive wood again.
Grand fulani corral: Fish within the aura of docks return passive gold income.
Farimba garrison: Dock nearest to the Farimba Garrison is automatically upgraded and it can batch train ships, similar to the Farimba Garrison. If dock is destroyed, like a landmark it can be repaired to full health again.
Fort of the huntress: Naval units in the dock auras enter stealth.
Griot Barra: Food festival effects fishing ships. Siege festival influences ships. Military festival effects dock training times.

General change: Silk road applies to Trade ships.
Deer stones: Transport ships can transport one packed building. Outpost yam aura applies to all ships. (These can alternatively be researched at dock in Castle age).
Silver tree: Docks build trade ships 20% faster, and 20% cheaper
Steppe redoubt: Trade ships returns +20% wood and gold from trade. Enemy ships killed by demolition ships yield increased piracy bounty of 10%.
Kurultai: Dock healing aura radius increased by 100% (i.e. doubles) and ships within aura receive 10% attack bonus. Enemy ships killed within a dock aura increases piracy bounty by 50%.
Khaganate Palace: Has an aura of 10 tiles. One single dock in the aura rallies warships from across the mongol empire, at random (for example, China warship with ### ############# If there is no dock in the aura the water effect is forfeited.
The White Stupa: Docks within the aura of the White Stupa have trade ships return +10% stone. For 1000 stone, this can be upgraded at the dock itself to +20% stone.

No landmark changes. Alternatively, Ottomans can can build one “military school” like dock per age up. Military spawn rate can be changed by devs for balance, or it may become faster as age ups come through. Aura around military school docks heals units at a faster rate, and aura radius is double that of a normal dock.

Kremlin: Levy militia tickets can alternatively be levied at the dock nearest to the landmark town centre to levy arrow ships. Levied arrowships are weaker than normal arrow ships.
Golden Gate: I’ll be honest, I’m not sure what to do with this one.
Abbey of the Trinity: Warrior Monks can garrison inside springald ships, causing warrior monk passive abilities to be applied to the RUS naval ships in combat.
High Trade House: Shoreline fish within the dock aura do not become depleted, allowing for safer fishing.
High Armoury: Warship cost decreased by 20%
Spasskaya Tower: Idea 1) (fun idea but probably not historical) Rus stone walls can be extended up to 5 tiles range into water from shore. If the stone wall reaches another stone wall on the opposite shore, it acts as a bridge between the islands. Idea 2) Unlocks cannon emplacement in docks, can only shoot naval units. Dock cannon emplacement splash damage is friendly fire (so it can damage allied and your own units). Dock can be set to hold fire.