An Open Letter to AoM Managers/Developers on How to Save Competitive Aom

I mean we already have weak godpowers in the current game and they all feel neither impactful (regarding early game ones of course! with the exception of cease-fire and maybe rain) nor most of the time satisfying. And some like Meteorstorm from Toth is like how godpowers should sound and feel like but are weak cause they are so totally random and the dmg mediocre for the most part.

I personally highly support stronger, more impactful godpowers which can be used more often. But of course with a big cool-down and costs using them. And some like meteorstorm should be a bit less randomised (or fill the area more effectively)

And I agree that the game should be more casual friendly and more atmospheric and entertaining than highly competitive. We all know that competitive games often increase the life span and support of a game nowadays BUT only if you get into certain genres and address it like it AND we all know that highly competitive games are often a nightmare for casuals and make the game unfun for the majority (that’s why competitive games often need to make casuals „addicted“ with other strategies)

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I read the damn thing, and I’m telling you I don’t agree, but you’re like a broken record at this point. I understand wanting to refer to your letter to avoid repeating the same thing, but you’re not even engaging with anything challenging your opinion.

Why are you even posting on a forum if you don’t want any discussions about your proposal?

Starts with a disclaimer to pretend respect other players profiles and ideas, then come with s*** like this:

" Call AQ defenders out for what they really are: braindead mouse spammers, Atty Mains/origins, boomy-civ gatekeepers, 1-BO strategists, boring people, BoIt-worshipping new nice fanboys, happy mouse-clicking casuals .

Maybe AoM is just not the RTS for you. Be happy on SC2 or AOE2.

The whole anti-2TC point is laughable if you watch current / modern tournaments, even those played on EE. Many times 2 TC player is punished. As Zeus main I think it’s really not that hard to punish 2 TC with Athena. Even other gods like norse and atty can easily punish a 2 TC boom on majority of maps.

Please read the second paragraph of that section.

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Please read Section FAQ “How many AoT platforms are there?”/“Is the open letter outdated?”
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Please read Section 1.0 regarding AQ.

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I’m glad none of the developers are taking the topic creator’s ideas seriously much less even taking the time to finish the second sentence.