Ancient Chinese Triple Bows Ballista (replace Scorpion)

The Triple Bows Ballista is an ancient Chinese siege weapon which mainly used in the Song Dynasty. I made a model to replace Scorpion (standard and heavy).

I tried my best to make its style more similar to other units in the game.And I also made unit icons, death animations and technology icon.

You can search for “Triple Bows Ballista” in the mod area to find and download it.


Bravo it looks just like an original unit.

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Excellent. How did you make it? Are you on Steam btw?

我说是谁呢,图片看着那么眼熟,原来是爱莉琰 :rofl:

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Wow, it looks like it was an official unit made by the devs. Really nice work!

Thx. I am glad you like it

I made it with Blender. And I also made more models, I will upload them later.

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Thx. I tried my best toI tried my best to imitate the style of original units. But I personally think that the models I make are not perfect yet.


Do you only make siege weapons or can you make other units too?

Of course I can make human units, but I have no plans to make them now.

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Dude, you do an awesome job!

Do need reskin Chinese units. Though AOE IV graphic is bit cartoon, at least the cav and Palace Guard looks fit.

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@Arian9506 can we use this in our mod? it looks amazing!

You mean RaW? It really doesn’t fit, the current model is literally based on historically accurate stuff, this is from a different part of the world.

Of course you can!
But I just recently modified the model to make it look more coordinated. You can wait until I update it if you like.

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Amazing work. How is the model’s size scaled? It looks bigger than the in-game scorpion, does that affect it’s hitbox and stacking on tiles?

It’s only a reskin mod, won’t change any attribute of the unit.

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