And now I have a cause to live!

No, at old UI we had a gap. At new UI they must put 3 gap because civ quantity is 37, 5x7+1.

If they add Terrans, Protoss and Zerg I will support this. But if they put random civ. We have 37 already. (Joke)

It’s possible I can’t deny it. But I am not sure how new civs would be because Burgundians and Sicilians had bonuses lack of imagination. Bonuses like HP, attack speed, speed and armour is cool. But researching early, all of Vils are armed now, every TC spawns units… Boring.

There was a TV series about dinosaurs eating people called Primeval, it ended (including the Canadian spin-off series) on a total of 49 episodes. It has been 8 years, no special or “the movie” has emerged to get that up to an even 50. (The unrelated film about a giant crocodile does not count.)

Nice big round numbers tend not to be the most important factor in these decisions. And that’s all that a squarish layout like this is in the end, a nice big round number.

Just for fun though, 2 more civs could work as well, 3 rows of 13 civs and the bonus information above or below it. Or 5 more civs could work as 6 rows of 7, with the random and mirror buttons moved to the side. 8 more civs would give 5x9, which would start getting kind of cramped shrinking the symbols or using eiither smaller text or a smaller unique unit picture, but 7 extra civs would fill the space up really nicely if they let go of the rectangular formation and put the top 4 on either side of the random and mirror buttons. And 7 would be a pretty good number for being able to do both South Asia and North America. But then where do we put the extra 2 or 3 Sub-Saharan African civs? :wink:

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Would you want them to stop?

All I ever want is more civs and campaigns.


I want 100 civs. They even added bonuses that I could’ve never thought of in this DLC.


Me too. More civilizations, more new campaigns. It’s great


All I ever want is a game that doesn’t crash a couple of minutes after a match starts.

If we at least have that, all DLC are welcomed IMO.

My game does not crash, it runs butter smooth except for some MP lag, from time to time.

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You so lucky.

I wish I were you.


I do not know what the joke is, but my game runs incredibly well and optimized, so I guess I have the last laugh.

pretty sure the devs said more campaigns are defo coming, which means more civs also have a potential to exist, but i wouldnt use a gap on an interface as the defining factor on whether there will be more civs, i dont think theres a way you could have 37 civ matrix without a gap or odd field


Thy did say that Lords of the West was just the first expansion to AoE2: DE.


Maybe it depends on your computer, not the game. I haven’t got any issues with the game on my PC. Maybe freezings time to time when a vast amount of units appearing

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With the direction the current civs went, yes.
I would have been perfectly fine with just keeping the civs we have, improve on balancing and then in a half year or so when the technical difficulties are solved just leave the game as it is. The game has awesome content, and survived for 20 years. It clearly does not need new content to continue so. I prefer the game getting into a state as balanced as possible, over adding more to it.
There are already enough units in the game that are rarely to never seen because they are useless. Balancing those will already provide enough content in my opinion.

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What do you mean? The game was dying before Forgotten Empires, because servers were closed, M$ abandoned the game and no balance changes!


Did anyone see DLC for Definite Edition of any other game? It’s an ingeniously turn. I want that in other DE of my favorite games be the same

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HD is literally a mod pack which people paid money and paved the way for DE, so new content brings money and players.

It would be great if they do add 3 more civis to match the civi count in the original expansion.


So you are just telling me it was dying because the servers were shut down, and didnt receive any support not because it didnt get new civs.

Support can mean a lot of things. I’m happy that Forgotten Empires and Microsoft picked up the Age of Empires franchise again.

Sure, I’m super happy they released the definitive edition. Im super happy about the balance updates, the support with additional maps, the way they listen to the community in terms of balance changes. They do a great job with a lot of things and I am thankful for that. I also understand that this support comes at a cost, and they need a way to make money from that. I just wished this support would not have to be paid with new civilizations. I mean, I am not necessarily against new civilizations either, I just don’t care for them, but we run into the problem, that it either will likely be civs that don’t have a lot new going for them, or civs that will introduce too many gimmicky mechanics. In addition to that you have the awkward situation we are in right now, where we already have umbrella civilizations representing the civs that are coming out fresh.

I wouldn’t have picked the civs they picked either to be honest, especially when there are still completely unrepresented world regions.

I personally would welcome optional new architecture and unit sets for existing civs too, but I don’t know if that would be interesting enough for other people.

I personally would wait for a sale for campaign only DLCs. They don’t interest me nearly as much as new civs or the content I suggested just before.