I find something exiciting!

In continuation of my previous thread And now I have a cause to live! - #20 by Szaladon

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Im totally confused about this post.


What do you mean you don’t get it?

I don’t get it either.

How do I hide text on this forum?

Do you mean the dropdown thing?

This one?

Like this

you know that dotd added 2 extra civs and not 3?
Only doI added 3 but that was later.

you have that cogwheel on your formating bar. When you click on it you get the option of “hide details”.

you also can use

This text will be hidden

Directly in your input field. The result would be:


This text will be hidden


I meant like hiding a spoiler on Discord, I think I’ve seen people do that here

No, that doesn’t to be something you can do on here. I’ve never seen it used, or found a way of doing it.

I mean that 3 new civs will be added soon. i think it will be north Americans

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How to do this quote?


Next one is Rome incase you didnt know.

highlight the text and ctrl+E or click preformatted text.

Click Blockquote or Ctrl+Shift+9

People curious about how to format text on these forums should just look up Discourse guides.

proof? where did you get this leaks?


Bro, you were right. But this DLC broke a game. With annoying repeats of music in the main menu and in the game