Anomie in AoE3 - Reforged style modeling

There are French guard muskets and skirms. Can you differentiate between them? Furthermore, do you believe that distinguishing them would be easy in the midst of a chaotic battle?

It’s evident that the developer has completely ignored the most crucial aspects of modeling game units—visibility. This type of issue happened earlier in Reforged, a game that replaced rough yet genuinely thoughtful models with detailed yet brainless ones. That was merely one of Reforged’s disasters and evidence of Blizzard’s downfall.

I had hoped that 3de wouldn’t follow the same path as Reforged, but as I observe the direction the game is taking, it seems that my hopes have been dashed. Random nerfs and buffs have been repeated. Units have received new and inferior models. The game has expanded in size but remains unpolished. Although the game has become free, no one plays ranked match. No hope.

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tbh its pretty easy to identify the skirms → unit stances. they just need to make unitstances consistent for counterskirms etc.

also in a realistic scenario, the musks would be always in front of the formation and skirms in the back row


In realistic scenario, musks and skirms are in a mess as they continuously move back and forth to deal with heavy cavs.

if they are in an uncoordinated mess, its doesnt matter what unit type they are. if u charge your cav head on into a wild mix of skirms and musks, the aestethics wont change the results. but most of the time they are clearly distinguished (bayonets, white boots, blue X, blue feather on head vs. the regular musketeer units, u’ve seen 1000ths of times)

the most dificult thing on the presented picture - atleast for me- were those thick black outlines. I guess its a matter of taste/what u are used to

edit: the outlines blurre the smaller details and the different shades of blue on the repective jackets. bright blue + black outline (musk) ~ dark blue (skirm)


You must catch how many musks in mess of skirms and whether cavs can kill them all or not to win the game. That’s the reason why musks and skirms should be easily distinguished. In real fight, units move, shot, reload, and melee, so that they can’t be distinguished as easy as idle stance. Don’t know why you are so confident. Even 1900+ players have hard time in distinguishing them.

I use outlines in accessibility option for more visiblity which the game lacks.

Even Aiz and his opponent said same thing. I don’t want to talk about this issue anymore and I don’t care how good you are in distinguishing messes. Good luck.

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You see the units in formation before the fighting disrupts order
→ “ah, too many muskets (frontrow units)!” → “i shouldnt charge them”
in what situation do u stumble across an uncoordinated mess of french infantry?

i would agree to some part, if both unit models changed, but everyone knows what a regular musketeer is. and i think u place too much emphasis on a joke from aiz. In those screenshots are like 20 skirms and 2 musks.

dude u make a comparison with reforged failing, because of one skin?
btw u dont want to rely on musk/skirm combs in lategame anyway

ok, then dont ask lol

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honest tip, change your blue color in the accessibility option to another shade
so the jackets become more distinct


Typical reaction of fanboys to critism. When they receive criticism, they don’t react by acknowledging that the game might have flaws and needs improvement. Instead, they confidently present imperfect solutions that may require sacrificing certain elements within the game or demanding additional effort from the players.

I can’t know if I will be player 1 or if the opponent will be player 1 in the ranked match. In custom games, it varies depending on who creates the room. In team games, the issues become more complex. Therefore, to ensure that the opponent uses the red color, I must use the “friend or foe color.” Why should I do? Does this mean that if I don’t want to use this feature in team game, I must disable it every time before I start a queue? And must I choose between low visibility and forced color selection?

From your overall stance and the solutions you’ve presented, it’s evident that you believe others must follow the way you enjoy the game. I had already suspected this about you, which is why I dismissed your opinion as unnecessary.

The world contains diverse individuals, and there are various ways to enjoy games, with different thresholds for discomfort. Even people who don’t grasp these basic principles can still post on forums, leading the development direction astray. The most clear instance of this is the poorly designed unit model lacking in visibility. This demonstrates that the developers don’t understand what truly matters in the game.

So did you like the old skin of the French skirmisher?

It’s better to distinguish at least.

change to what ever color u like best… here light blue for example


but yeah, i’m ignorant for providing a simple solution, sure buddy


here’s a keypoint to all this, we had old models for 16 years in lower and 3 in higher polycount, we only had these ones for mere days so far

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go back to default zoom of the game, not zoom out like you are playing. I would also like to zoom out entire map and recognize everything, i just would need a 80’ screen.

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Small trees are not default im AoE2 either, yet every pro uses them.

Don’t ruin the game for the majority of casual players to make it more friendly for competitive players that know how to mod.


For or against the redesigng then?? I think like OP, french units seem too similar (grenadiers too)

the redesign was the best thing that happened to the game, a user already mentioned it above, please guys don’t ruin the party for casual players, and so far I haven’t seen high elo players complain about these things


This is the real voltigeur:

and not this thing:


can u identify the skirms easily? (in OPs picture)

  • yes
  • no
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Some wise man once asked me “why do you have bias towards competitive players?”

Max zoom is not for you to “identify units” or micro…you cannot even click on a unit accurately.
If you love micro so much, zoom in, assign control groups, use mods that change all models to cubes and texts.

Reminds me of “look at the AOE2 skirmisher! Isn’t it so obvious that it counters archers! I knew it at the first glance!”

Dragoons and cuirassiers, or rodeleros and coyote, have been there for 16 years as well, but there was someone who still cannot distinguish them.

I’d say Haud/Lakota units look more “similar” in blobs. I had no problems identifying them. Most had no problems identifying them. Few complained either.
But hey one new model in 2023 is blasphemy and ranked is ruined again.


First month of DE: “I cannot distinguish skirmishers from jaegers anymore”.

This was real.
I even supported it (for a week).