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Would you like to get your hands on an awesome Age of Empires: Definitive Edition T-shirt like these lovely folks? All you need to do to enter for a chance to win is leave a comment down below letting us know your favorite memory of playing AoE games!

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I have play all aoe games. Is the best RTS games ever!!!

Creating huge battles with the map editor.

converting enemy units :wink: #wololo

I first experienced the AoE series when I was about 7. My dad is a major history buff and was really into RTS games at the time, and I used to hover over his shoulder and watch him play while he explained what he was doing, how the different units interacted, and about the history associated with the campaign he was working through (even if the campaign itself wasn’t always entirely accurate :P) I started playing by myself a couple years later, but I’ll always remember getting to spend that time with my dad.

Age of Empires - Rise of Rome: Syracuse Campaign Expansion

My favourite memory of AOE was, weirdly, not playing it. I mean, I played the Age of Empires 1 and Rise of Rome demos for hours on end before my parents finally allowed me to get the full Gold Edition. And I’ve played Age of Empires 2 for about a decade now, if not more. But I had never been old enough to experience the release of one.

And then one day, while I was sitting watching television, I remember seeing that grey boat looming out of the fog, and the delicate music starting, it captivated me. It wasn’t until I heard that iconic theme tune I knew what was happening, and I exploded with excitement. I did every chore I could to earn enough money to buy Age of Empires 3, and the experience of seeing that trailer, buying the game myself and playing it for the first time will never leave me.

Age of Empires is my childhood.

My favorite memory is playing a game of 3 on 1 (me) and I still completely destroyed them because I focused on booming my economy so I could build massive armies.

Playing AOE on LAN and creating a huge army to destroy all enemies!

Best thing was how 10 elephants could fit on a boat but 11 villagers don’t.

Best game so far

My earliest memories of playing Age of Empires reach far back into my childhood. The year is 1998, and Age of Empires Gold Edition had just been released. I was 6 at the time, but I distinctly remember gripping the yellowy-golden box with excitement while riding home in the car from the store. After returning home, my older brother and I popped the CD into our old Pentium 166 and watched with awe as a bunch of loinclothed villagers began “building” the game on our screen as it installed. Sure enough, a few minutes later we were exploring our first random map, pulling back the darkness around our small cluster of mammoth bones and reed huts. This experience of wonderful discovery (and that of the subsequent Age games) left such a strong mark on me that I ended up training as an archaeologist, and here I am today nearly 20 years later with my entire life having been shaped by that one event. I don’t regret it one bit.

Taking a leave from med school and hours of multiplayer battle with my room mate & losing a dinner in 3 star hotel… Excellent memory of that day :smile:

Playing in Zone all night, all weekend and all AoE… Loving playing Foot War (RoR) and rushing the enemy (AoC)… Oh, Old nights of AoE, I miss them

i remember the day that in my house we buy the windows 98 and it came whit a free test of age of empires
thats the first game that i play on a computer and it was grate, my uncle play it all time whit my, i was 8 years old and normaly spend 5 to 6 hours playing that great game.

My favorite memory would have to be playing Age of Empires II: The Age of Kings with one of my high school friends over the phone line. Thankfully my parents didn’t miss any important phone calls! :smiley:

playing it with my friends

I guess, beating ResonanceBot on Hardest was one of my proudest achievement in videogames !

Playing AoE on LAN with my friends was the best thing ever, we could play for hours, sometimes on the weekends we would stay up until like 5am just playing aoe, great memories :slight_smile:

Wololo of the priests, stealthy.

My favorite memory is when I first so it played on my uncles computer . It blew my mind seeing him try to kill an elephant haha lol