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I remember when I first discovered the AoE demo inside one of those CD-ROMs packs that came with a magazine. I was 5 or 6 at the time and it was awesome playing it!


Best memory of it was when on a campaign map, mass produced priests and won the game with them… It was challenging, though :slight_smile:


My favorite memory’s is the cinematic video. Watch that is te perfect inspiration to build a grand army to destroy your enemies to the last men.


My favorite memory… the first contact with the saga, a demo from Windows 98.
Several hours resisting the advances from Red and Yellow romans with all hope lost. Until i found the mercenaries in a far away location. My army pushed back the romans into their limits, the yellow player was destroyed and finally my combined forces of elephants, phalanxs and wololos crushed what was left of the red roman army I HAVE BECOME DEATH, DESTROYER OF WORLDS.
That moment was awesome. From then, i have played all RTS from ES, except AOE online.


Coming in second place with my team in RTS League Season 39 clan competition.


I literally grew up playing Age of Empires. I remember watching my older brothers playing it on our old desktops growing up, and wanting so bad to play it with them. Fast forward about 12 years, and they can still handily beat me (I can still remember all the stupid rage-quits I did). It was the first RTS game I ever played, and to this day still one of the best. So yes, my favorite memory from AoE is the family bonding it brought (and subsequent tearing down after I was destroyed).


My favorite memory is my childhood. I was around 8 years old way back in the 90’s and my older brother got a Age of Empires Demo in the mail for the original Age of Empires. I played it for hours and hours and hours on end and couldn’t believe how amazing it was. I would get angry when the computer was able to advance further than I could in the demo. I begged my parents for a copy of the full game but nobody seemed to listen to me. Then for my birthday I got a box and opened it and there was the Age of Empires with the Rise of Rome Expansion. I’ll never forget how excited I was! In fact, I was literally screaming for joy! To this day I still play Age of Empires and I am now 26. I have grown up with these games and they leave a special place in my heart but the original game is my favorite one.

When I get together with friends we have old computers we have created just to play Age of Empires Rise of Rome with. Some of my best memories are definitely playing with my friends on weekends :slight_smile:

I love Age of Empires and can’t wait for the definitive edition!!


Cordial Saludo

La primera vez que jugué Age of Empires tenía alrededor de 9 años, mi primer acercamiento fue a través de la demo de AoE Rise of Rome. Pase buenos momentos jugando y aprendiendo sobre la historia de las guerras entre Roma y Cartago. Entre los años 2003 y 2004 pude disfrutar de AoE 2 The Conquerors y Age of Mythology, estos juegos me llevaron a adentrarme en el mundo de la Historia. Actualmente soy docente de Ciencias Sociales gracias a la inspiración de un juego de estrategia que contaba diferentes acontecimientos históricos por medio de campañas temáticas con un componente ludico importante para la época.

Por ultimo me gustaría añadir que todavía disfruto jugando Age of Empires II The Forgotten en Steam gracias a la remasterización que lanzaron hace unos años.

Espero que mi breve anécdota sea de su interés.

Agradezco su atención y espero poder participar por la camiseta de AoE o disfrutar de la beta anticipada de su nueva remasterización.


Moving Emperor Barbarossa around in a portable man sized pickle jar. XD


LAN parties on the weekend with fiends,_ i don’t miss lugging the PC around though._


Plating for hours with my cousin. Building enormous cities!


Playing aoe and rise of rome for hours on end. Meeting my husband while playing rise of rome. I was from Canada and he was from the USA. We have been together since and both still love the games and are excited to play it once again in heated battles vs each other.


I think one of the greatest bond I had (and still have) with my best friends is playing endlessly AoE LAN Parties! One of the best memories of my life!


My favorite memory has got to be convincing my mom to buy a certain box of cereal at the grocery store so that I could get the game that was inside… I remember watching villagers hit a structure with hammers as the installation bar got closer and closer to being complete.
I remember when AoE2 came out and I begged my mom for ages (lol) to buy me the game… I got it for my 11th birthday!
Playing through the campaigns was so immersive and challenging. One of my favorite parts about the series is how much knowledge I gained on World History by playing. I learned about Genghis Khan, Barbarossa, Montezuma, Joan of Arc, Saladin, Atilla the Hun, and many many others!! Thank you Age of Empires for giving me straight A’s in history. :slight_smile:


Favorite memory is my older brother playing and me and my twin brother watching amazed for hours without getting bored at all.


My favorite memories come from the scenario named Opening Moves in the Hittite demo campaign. I remember beating it several times with all kinds of personal challenges like not using ships or never getting up to the tool age. I often also left the enemies alive with a couple buildings and focused on building a mighty empire on the map instead of even trying to beat the level.


changing a certain age of empires online player’s 99-0 w/l streak to a 99-1 and taking his rank 1 o:)


My favorite memories are beating up to 4 friends on 1vs4 games when I was younger. They used to come to my house and bring their desktops (yes), but I was far too good for them.


I’ve got 2 memories that stick out:

  1. My bigdaddy getting converted and rekking me.
  2. Playing the demo before the real thing got released(i think i was around 6 years old back then lol)


The Conquerors LAN parties with my friends. We did this almost every wednesday of my high school years. There are so much memories to tell. I still miss this, Voobly nor Steam matches can’t take its place :smile: