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Playing Age of Empires 3 with friends online as the British Empire!


As I experienced from the previous T-Shirt giveaway, the content and the length of the message doesn’t really matter :slight_smile: So, this time I will answer your question with only a few words:

  • The very first moment of I met the playable demo is always special for me. And the moment I met the demo of tRoR, and then their full versions…


I was born in '92, so I don’t remember the release of this game, but my grampa has had me hooked since I was old enough to play!! The 2 of us still play The Rise of Rome Expansion or AoE 2 almost every day!!! My favorite memory of playing this game is all of the days I’ve spent with him playing AoE and trying to beat each other’s high scores!! We can’t wait to see how beautiful the new remaster really is!!


My favorite AOE memory was waking up before my parents and sneaking into their room to get onto the PC, so I could squeeze in a game before they take me to school early in the morning!


My first pc I bought so I can play this game. those were the days… Even I bought it , I still had to share it with my brothers. :frowning:


My first AoE LAN Party in my students’ house in 2013.


I love Age of Empires Gold Edition. My best memory of AoE is setting up scenarios to use gaia on and trying to use animals to kill everyone lol :slight_smile:

Gaia should be its own civilization imo. That would be so awesome!


AoE makes me remember a simple time, playing with long gone friends until the sunrise, times that will never come back.
Pd: I need that shirt to spread the word: How great games used to be.


Coming home from school with my two friends and every and night playing a Lan or building our own, way overpowered, scenario to mess around on. I can still type “pepperoni pizza” “woodstock” and “bigdaddy” faster than anything else!

I cant wait for AOEDE!


Remembering my father playing against my brother (after i lost against my brother an AI) and my father had ONLY one villager left with 1 HP and 120 wood.
he wrote him in the chat that he could be anywhere on the sea so my brother was looking for him on the water. my father build a storage pit, choped wood, build a town center, barracks and this stuff.
of course he lost in the end, but knowing he survived with a villager and the minimum of what was needed to start again earned my respect.


I love AoE III + DLC campaign!


My best memory was disovering the first game on my grandpa’s Windows 98 pc and playing it captivates for the rest of the day until my parents forced me to get off. Good times


Making huge maps with a friend and then battling it out over LAN


I remembered the first time I played. I it came as a demo in the Windows 95 or 98 CD and I loved the game. After that, I remember downloaded the AoE2 demo over dialup, the size was 33Mb and it took forever to download, hours without phone as I was using it to download the demo.


Among my many favourite memories was the trial of the base game and the map were you controlled two priests at beginning and had to go to the yellow team and convert some of their settlers. Used to have great fun with that map until i bought the full version. Remember i played with the yellow team by having them get some clubmen and then bullied them with my axemen…


LAN parties. My friends mom let us use the computer and local network at her workplace. We’d play all day. Still play today on AOK HD Edition.


Playing LAN mode against my little sister. Sometimes we would team up against AI opponents too, good times.


I love lan parties against my dad, he made me know aoe, the best game ever :smiley:


The anxious attack I had as of recieving aoe2 gold edition in my 9’th birthday right before I had to leave to go to school.
History tells I only stopped hyperventilating when mom let me play one or two william wallace missions before I left home.
I mean, you can’t do that to a child…

Moreover, is there anyway can purchase one if I dont manage to be selected?


Age of Empires is just the best RTS-Game!! I love this game when I was young and also today! <3 So good game!