Any idea to make heroes act like Centurions?

Like title said, I want to make heroes unit turns into some kind of motivators like Romans UU unit.

Is there any way to create an aura circle to buff units? I don’t want it restricted to only militia line.

I want the aura affect only units inside the aura circle. As soon as they leave, the buff is removed.

Thank in advance.

Only through datamodding. It’s not possible through the editor alone.

Then can I compromise with unit in LOS of hero?

Then again I think I would be fine with the concept of more units near hero buff them, and vice versa.

No, the aura is a separate mechanic. It can’t be added, altered, or removed for any units without datamodding.

Ah, sorry I made my words not right. I already ditched the Centurion’s aura barrier things

I want to say if there any triggers that count enough units come into LOS of a single unit, give buff specifically.

Like 3 two handed swordsmans near an object, active a trigger that increases attributes for whole faction. And when not enough, remove the attributes.

I don’t mind using compound mix of many triggers, as long as it’s kinda doable like DLCs campaign of Lord of the West and Dawn of the Duke.

You might be able to use “bring object to object”, but I think that has a super low range. It also only works if both objects exist at the start. Object in area could also work, but not if you want it to be near a moving hero. Otherwise, no, there’s no way to do it.

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