Any more civilizations left?

Out of all the series, this one has the most amount of civilizations with their zany quirks and crazy specialties with the special bonuses. Plus, I wonder what would’ve happened if AOE DE and AOE 2 DE is integrated together? It definitely would be a pandemonium with a whopping 59 civilizations clashing like crazy!

Ok. My enthusiasm got the better of me. If the developers have this idea, it would be a nightmare if it does fail but that’s just my imagination talking. Anyway, I hope there isn’t any more civilization that’s missing from that time period.

Why would anyone do this?


I’d delete the game. We don’t need aoe1 in aoe2.


It’s not over yet… (20 characters)

No asking about a Nintendo merger this time?

As for your question, yiou can clearly see there’s more room for civs from much of the current areas. So many new ways to play woth bonuses!


I would pay for an ancient civs DLC…
We could have all QoL features of Age2 with the Aoe2 civs and units… IMO It has potencial…

How will that even work? You will have yamato and japanese greeks and byzantines romans and italians in the same game with different unit lines.


Whats the problem? Just disable the AOE1 civs for the AOE2 ranked games and make a new ladder for Aoe1 civs…
For custom lobbys just an option to able/disable Aoe1/Aoe2 civs. So you can play only Aoe2, only Aoe1 or mix both with the obviously unbalanced matchups, but is custom lobbys anyway. Host’s choose.
For some campaings devs can replace some aoe2 civs with some tweaks…

I’m not asking that game let you start as yamato and then “evolve” into japanese… I would awesome… but It would take massive game’s overhaul …

I think more people than you think will be happy with this integration… Aoe is attractive but its lacks of qol features make it so annoying to play

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Would be better if you put your money in donation or something else useful.

Ancient civilizations don’t belong to in Age of Empires 2.


Really don’t know what do you find so wrong with adding more content to the game…

Maybe I can use my money to buy you a bigger hard drive.

So if they add anime characters into age of empires next you don’t have problems?


Not… if would be an optional DLC disabled for ranked games… I were very clear with that…

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more american and african civs, newly made american models for units/buildings etc. japanese split?


Mod AoE2 DE and add and remove every civ you want. Be the change you want to happen

There’s a ridiculous amount of kingdoms in Africa and Asia between 476 and 1598, there’s no need to look for ancient civs. Hell, you could even argue that Indian civs could use yet one or two EXTRA splits.

I prefer to pay if it’s possible, thanks.

It’s not that hard. It’s pretty boresome, but if you only want to add civs and units, it’s not difficult

I work 40 hours per week. I could do it. I wan’t. I prefer play… How much do you want to mod it?

Total War: Shogun 2 and Total War: Fall of the Samurai did something like this. Even though they powered up the older units a little so you could have even matchups

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I wish they would make an AoE1 remake using 2DE as a base

And finally added new civs


Better thing would be to remake the whole game in a new engine like aoe4 did.