Any News on Updates / Patches / Fixes?

Apart from the day 1 update, I haven’t seen any news from the developers on future fixes. Obviously the game has a lot of problems right now. When can we expect fixes?


The hotfix topic post last week indicates there will be another game update this week.


Bro when will you fix china civ.
I can not upgrade many of my unit to T5. Its frustating China become so weak.
For example: The sword unit stuck at T3
The hammer unit stuck at T4
The Keshik unit stuck at T3
Please fix


Hi @bangcat, I’m a volunteer community moderator and not a developer. I see there is already a bug report topic on this issue. Please follow the Age of Empires blog and social media accounts to be notified when a fix for a particular bug is announced.

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This game needs a ton of help.


I would like to notify that at least for me on my game there is a bug with route planning. I have the option to SHIFT CLICK to give my units more orders (Used for planning a route) This mechanic has been in AOE since part 1. I’m glad to see it returning in AOE3DE, yet I saw that whenever you plan a route, no flags will appear to kind of indicate the walking route of the unit. But when you angle your camera just about right, it will show up for a few seconds. I think this should be fixed :slight_smile:


Hi there, can you tell me if there are still Trains in the game? I saw them in the Definitive Edition’s trailer but I cannot find them in my game, neither can I find a map with it.

Upgrade your trade route from travois to stage-coach to train via your trading post.

Ah so they changed this mechanic I guess?

nope it was always like this, you get train by industrial age.


Yeah that’s how I remember it as well, you had to click on the little trade building and there you had the option to upgrade it, I don’t see that option now though, even in age 5…

maybe you are selecting a trade post near native settlement not trade route.

I’ll try right now mate, thanks for the help anyway :slight_smile:

Well, I’ve already noticed that in the Definitive Edition version you do not have to build the Trade Post anymore. Back in the 2007 version you had to build it for 100 Wood, I dislike to see that they’ve changed that.

are you playing on silk road map? in that map you have to capture trading posts (you don’t build or upgrade)

Then do you perhaps know which maps have a train for sure? Because yes I was playing on Silk Road and I wasn’t able to upgrade anything.

all maps with trade route exept silk road

Well I tried 3 maps now, no success so far…

I think the Known Issues page is the biggest sign of what we can expect in immediate future fixes. 🐞 Known Issues: Age of Empires 3: DE Live Release!


What maps have you tried?
Try a simple map like Punjab and you should be able to get it.