Any old school MSN Gaming Zone players?


No, but I tried. I was a kid, about 10. Got myself a zone account because I desperately wanted to play my favorite game in this mysterious mp mode. I didn’t really understand anything though and even after a lot of fiddling I never got it working. I like to blame it at the crappy internet we had at the time but I may just have been stupid.


Yep, played a lot on MSN and eventually as part of the Hawk_ clan.


No, but I have been playing since 2006.


Looking Forward to this… our old gaming clan page (uXc) is still up:


Yep. I was a scenario player back then. Then I went over to I believe it was igz, then gameranger, now voobly. Been playing since 1998 and I still play to this day. Never have I been so in love with a franchise. Even my name came from the game.


I was playing on at the beggining of the game (aoe1) to aoe2 extension (conquerors)
But i was more with french community.


MSN Gaming Zone All Day Rise of Rome & Conquerors GAG, GAGX GAGF Clan Years Ago Ahhh The Good Times :smile:


m1TcHy here from RoR/RoR Trial… man i miss the zone days!


Yep, been playing since it came out as RogerofChar…


KGB_The_Death here.
Some screenshots from the old times u can find here


Ahh… The second I heard of AoE release all I can think of is Tower defense on zone xD


I was on zone too. Great days and I miss them :smiley:
I had too many nicks couse of switching some Clans (most of them died, hopefully not caused by me :expressionless: ) Tsunami, KZR, OLV and many smurf nicks to try new tactics.
Play on Zone a fast imp was so funny.
Reaching imp and the other resigned, or I was dead before reaching it. KI was ok, but nothing vs real opponents you could meat in zone.
I think my highest rank was 2k on RM, 2.1 on arena and 15xx on arab 1vs1. I was and still am a team player only.
I Hope team games will be similar to the good old aoe TC :slight_smile:


yesss i was on the Zone :D!


19 nov 2000 : 592 Total Players


Woot! the old days when 1vs1 match lasted 7+ hrs down to the last tree with only one seige remaining


Yeah I was, TabooumbeCSUK was my nick.


MSN gaming zone. then Game Spy arcade. (:


Yea… i remember the blood maps of aoe 2 … they were amazing, and of course, i also played RM, Dm of this one, also i remember had a bad taste for my nick names XDD


Well this is what I’ve been waiting for since 1999 I have spent years googling AOE 4 to find small threads of the Mr gates etc. Remember the dial up, I was AOE 2 and am sure the feeling from that game is the same as AOE . We used to use game ranger I think now been using steam on AOE 2 hd. Them late night, bloody Persians, super strong goths and our groups favourite map style - MICHI Black Forest not for everyone but them games took hours the forts and bases amazing. The Wollolo and lol 11 and 30 omg I can’t wait. Hello to all classic RTS survivors out there, it’s here and god knows what else is coming …


Yes I remember now gamespy arcade the game ranger then steam ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh