Any old school MSN Gaming Zone players?


Yep, both AOE1 and AOE2, though mostly AOE2. I just remember getting absolutely annihilated over and over and over and over… I spent an enormous amount of time playing the custom scenario games in AOE2. I doubt anyone would remember me (for most of the MSN Zone’s hayday, I was without internet), but my username was “Russoft”.


Owow I have a lot of great memories playing this game with the Saints, so much fun. MSN game zone, the in game version before that, AoE, RoR then Aok. Miss those guys.


MSN Gaming Zone <3 Best place in the whole ancient web.


Ah, Been ages ago. Used to play daily 3v3 and rare 4v4 DM games. I always was amused how people put up “rules” saying: no priest/siege/etc allowed in their rooms.


MSN zone was awesome back in the day! I remember the ‘elite’ players would play speed 1.0, no fog, RM games. I remember my dial up connection would only last 2 hours before dropping, so I had to make sure I timed the start of games just right!

Anyone remember these players?!


I used to play on Zone. Had some really fond memories and I wish I kept some of the screenshots of some of the better games I played. I used to play Cho War, Archer War, and DMs. Can’t wait to bring it all back!


The good ole days! I miss the Zone


AmImA here, remember you had to have an"Underscore" in your nickname. Tiny RC DM hell yhea


I still can hear the sound of my first modem connecting to the internet. :smiley:


lol buuuuurrrrr beeeep beep beep crunch crunch yey 5.6kbps lol the days and a 1gb hdd lol


IaMaBooZeR/ SpankYa / Apoc_Pestilence here.


i was NT_W00d , GT_Cobra, naki, etc etc etc. many many clans hehe. good times.


Yep played original AOE on msn gaming zone. Same thing for Asheron’s Call :frowning:


Yeah, remember does good old days =D hope they could bring out some classics style in this new one =)


Shout out to old zone friends, still remember hiding the phone so my old lady wouldn’t pick it up and DC me from game. Random footwar was my jam can’t wait for this


SuN_Scrappy - I had cable early in my area so missed the dial up.

Found this funny post I guess I lost this game…I usually was the feeder though so probably why.

“I remember a 3v3 game where SuN_Cam_Popov was Palmy and was feeding SuN_Scrappy (Shang). As I Tooled I saw Scrappy’s buildings turn to Bronze. About 2 minutes later my partner was saying there were 6 Chariot Archers in his town. Those Chariot Archers soon came to my town also. Our team continually moved economies, rebuilt, and tried to defend. Scrappy kept booming Chariot Archers and sending them to our towns. Ultimately I was able to get a strong economy and we gained the upper hand. The game was over soon because Popov was still in Tool with 35-40 villagers and Scrappy was getting dbl teamed by bigger armies.”


DoRaEmOn clan, Dumb world wonderers, RP( had a kickass intro i recall), ESD(Eat, shit, and die) - The good ole DM - Super ChoWars! gonna get crazy around here all over again, i aint to damn old for it… yet…


DMS_LukyCheetah here - used to play RoR all the time on the zone. Pretty sure I played SuN_Scrappy a few times!


FiLThY_FreaK_ was the last name I used before MSN closed. Haven’t played AOE1 since then. Looking forward to playing the beta later today.


Yep here ! (US Seal Team) US-T_Buzz
Also played a lot on (France)