Anyone else experiencing increased lag even from green ping lobby games?

I seem to be experiencing increased lag on all games for some reason

I had one terrible game, where the connection would drop for ~10seconds every few minutes. My internet was still working perfectly fine throughout. Just the one game though.

Lag or choppiness? Green ping doesn’t always mean smooth game. Yellow/Red clock players can make a green ping game miserable for anyone.

choppiness i guess. But all players were green ping as seen by the clock thing near the name in the score noone lagging yet im getting choppiness every game

The choppiness causes by slow computers of match participants occurs way before the yellow clock at the score board is shown.

Also in case you are AMD graphics user, there is a vsync bug and a frame time bug:

Yes I can testify this. I am AMD user as well and I had to resort to that to fix the horrible choppiness.
Moreover, as I am also a “Xbox” user (stupid term since I am on PC as well as anyone else), I have to reset that setting for the specific game every time the game is updated, because Microsoft likes to change the folder name of the game with each update.