Anyone else think the game looks trash?

Why do they keep making the player bases smaller and smaller in a game series that has Empire in the name? And why is it so incredibly cartoony? Why did Relic get to make this game when they are known for boring realisticish RTS games that only weirdos like?


Please leave and go play another game. If you don’t like AoE 4.

I really like this game … except for a little trifles.


The game is not a city builder. There are other games for that like anno series or cities skylines. The pace should be fast and not boring realisticish.

Mainly readability. The formula for hyper realistic graphics, competitive and fun games hasn’t been found yet.

Who should make the game in your opinion?


Like Aoe2?

Why is it always a binary with you people? Is your brain a light switch? The C&C games dont look either cartoony nor realistic, so why do you make these 25iq posts?

Honestly even a fresh studio that doesnt make rts would be better than relic

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I just do not understand people like the author of the post. Do you have an itch somewhere and it makes you share your useless opinion about a game that has not yet been released? Are you such a big expert that you can evaluate a product before it is released? Surprisingly, even IGN can’t do that, can you go to work there? At the same time, teach them how to do this. And of course, you can’t just pick up and not play what you don’t like, you must definitely leave your most important thing in the universe “Foo, I don’t like it.” Just don’t play, it’s not made for you and not for people like you. I’m burning


wll, critizing the game on a valid base would be fine. This isnt. but their answerts dont seem like wanting serious conversation anyways.


Takes quite a bit of nerve to call someone out for critizing an unreleased game on a commercialized forum dedicated to hyping an unreleased game

It takes quite a bit of nerve to call the fans of two of the worlds most beloved RTS series “weirdos”.


Courage? Rather stupidity, it is really stupid to disassemble something that is not yet ready. Are the arguments in the post generally laughable, boring RTS? DoW fans say hello. Small bases? And this conclusion is drawn from one screenshot of a wooden palisade? I can build the same in any AoE, but that doesn’t mean I’m limited to that. Cartoon style? Oh well, this is not a problem of the game, there are those who liked its design, most in fact, this is purely a matter of taste and does not make the game bad, in which case Civilization 6 is a bad game. Why Relic? Maybe because this mastodon gantra RTS, which gave the world breakthrough strategies in the face of Company of Heroes and Dawn of War, which were literally called “strategies of the future” with a thick atmosphere and addictive gameplay, and you certainly shouldn’t criticize them, and you certainly shouldn’t have said crazy nonsense like - “It would be better to do an unknown new studio”, want to get WarCraft 3 Reforged? But I don’t want to, so Relic is the best choice on the RTS developer market. The analysis is over.


I don’t consider aoe4 part of the age series.

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How long is that list of “most beloved rts series” if it has room for relics games? When people hear rts they think warcraft and c&c, not dawn of heckin war

these are just marketing buzzwords

I think you’ll find that there is a lot of variance when you ask people what they think of when someone says RTS.
I think of Age of Empires, Starcraft, Dawn of War, and Battle for Middle-earth first. Then I’d start thinking of things like Warcraft, C&C, and Grey Goo.


@veryxdddd is back and he’s trolling AoE IV users now.

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Ah, here’s the thing. Then everything is clear, in this case it makes no sense to enter into dialogue with the troll.


wow , at least wait till the game is released, and play a little before talk like that . and relic games are good games , if you dont consider yourself a “weirdo” go play fortnite .


An infinite number of people gushing over the game like they were paid to do so and one guy talking smack. Why is this a one-way street?

You are very welcome to come here and make good faith criticisms of the game.


how is this post, at all, critizising? :smiley:

yeah and they never ever heard of CoH. suuuure.

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as speculated before. sometimes its sad. PPl should have nicer hobbies

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luckily you are not the devs xD