Anyone know how to convert SLP to SMX?

I’m trying to create a graphics mod using some SLP files.

I see there are a few included tools in the “Tools_Builds” folder.

Anyone figure this out yet? I converted an SLP to SMP using the .bat tool, but the game’s graphic files are in SMX so I don’t see how this helps.

The only graphics mod that I’ve seen so far is by “AoE Official” , the small trees mod, and all those files are .smx.

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SMX is just a compressed version of SMP. The game reads SMP format too. My app (SLX Studio) will have support for creating proper new SMP/SMX files hopefully soon. The formats are already mostly figured out, but there’s still a few unknowns.


I’m wondering the same thing

Hi @Tevious7621 any updates on the SLX studio? I get this error when trying to load .slp files in SLX studio :((