Anyone missing the PUP's improved graphics?

I know I am.

It’s hard to play the “stable” version of the game anymore, knowing that it can look so much better.


Much better ? Is that a huge change ?

Same for me! Can’t wait for the patch to release! anyone knows anything about the date?


It is what it is… the patch will come out anyway, we have to wait a little longer…

Yes, it looks like a remaster of AoE 4, how good it looks… imagine a 2011 game with 2021 graphics, that’s how it would look…

In a month around…

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Here are a couple of comparisons between stable and pup:


Wow it looks really cool
Cannot wait for it!


Generally how long is it between the end of the PUP and the release? Weeks? Months?

me too i was back to game but now i will not play until update

The release will be with the new season which is like a day or two after this season ends. There’s a countdown in game I think for the season.

It says the current season ends 6/14. Shoot, two weeks to go!

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I was already lazy to play it, I will play it in October when the new civs come out…


Same here, waiting for the new civs + the updated graphics and maybe some single player content = nice AOE 4 time!

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Yes, also if I want to play AoE, I start to play AoM (to prepare the ground for Retold) and AoEO and then I have other RTS in the meantime (the entire CNC saga, Empire Earth, CoH, SC, R.U.S.E. and a long etc.)…

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I did my playtrough with AOM already 2 years ago but can´t wait for Retold.
And yeah i also have the 10 years CNC collection + the remaster of 1 and 2 what i wanna play again. They are just such good and solid strategy games!

Yes, AoM started it in 2020, I left it and resumed it last year for 25 years… I spent the trident campaign and now I’ll spend the expansions in Retold… after CNC I got Tiberian Dawn remastered and now I’m with Red Alert Remastered, then Tiberian Sun will continue and so on until I reach (shudders) CNC4…

No way that you will try out CNC4. I couldn´t walk down that way despite the fact that CNC3 was pretty entertaining.