Anyone only able to play on low settings?

Is anyone else having performance issues with aoe 4?

I come from aoe3. My computer can run aoe 3 like dream, well over 60fps on the highest settings.

However when it comes to aoe 4 its really choppy and laggy even on medium settings. This is a massive gap in performance between aoe 3 and 4 despite being similar games. The game recommends me play the lowest settings and it just does not feel right. My computer while not the best, normally can play any game I want at good settings. However aoe 4 is miles more demanding than any other game I’ve played.

Is anyone else having similar issues? Or is this just what I should expect for aoe 4?

For reference im on a surface book 2 (16GB RAM, Nvidia GTX 1050 2GB VRAM, i7 8650U)

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Does the game use the integrated GPU of your Intel Processor?

That is a bug that sometimes happens. It’s not the games fault and more the GPU diver. I don’t have an Nvidia GPU nor an Intel CPU so I can’t tell you how to change that setting but probably somewhere in the Nvidia control panel.
A GPU with 4 GB VRAM is recommended but you only have 2GB.
As far as I remember the surface books have a relatively high resolution so 2GB might not be enough to power that.

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For me all graphics bugs were fixed when I scaled to 100% of my resolution in the Graphics settings. Before doing that, everything looked like ■■■■.

That is kinda obvious.

Not sure if I automatically started the game at max settings because it copied the setting from the Beta or if they changed the default settings.
Because when I played the Beta my game scale was set to <100% on default and it looked ugly.

Especially now that the game starts with the Tutorial before you can change the settings the game will just look ugly for most people, especially if they play on a 4K monitor.

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Thanks for the replies guys!

I have turned on the settings so that the game is betting run by the dGPU rather than the iGPU.

The game is also being played on my 1080p monitor rather than the SB screen

I have also scaled up resolution up to 100.

My GPU drivers are all up to date.

The most concerning thing is the game recommends the LOWEST settings. It just doesn’t rate my set up very high. I understand 2GB vRAM is a bit outdated. I would be okay if was smooth on MEIDUM but not smooth on high settings. I just feel for a game that has relatively simple graphics should not look HORRIBLE on a high-end 2018 laptop. The game is pretty much unplayable on anything other than really ugly potato graphics. It just feels wrongs when aoe 4 is playing at lower settings than cyber punk.

I’d recommend that you create a ticket to Microsoft support if you believe that this is a bug or not hardware related issue from your side, but yeah I’d recommend making sure that all of your drivers are UpToDate and see if the support can assist you further with this.

They might have added restrictions based on certain things and if the code notices you have only 2GB, then it automatically recommends the lower graphics. If your computer cannot run Medium settings, then it sounds like a hardware related issue. But who knows perhaps it’s a bug and the support can help you. Good luck!

The problem with VRAM is if you run out of it you suddenly drop from good FPS to slight show.
That is an inherent problem with VRAM.
Even in 2018 2GB or VRAM was pretty low already. I had 8GB in a middle class GPU in 2016 (AMD RX 480) already.
Nvidia kinda decided to cheap out on VRM on the lower end models for some reason.

Some thing like geometry details shouldn’t take much VRAM.
VRAM is mostly used by resolution and texture quality.
Maybe try out some different settings and see what works for you.

FSR does wonders for this game! Use Magpie -free- to inject FSR or Lossless Scaling (3,99€, though it supports HDR) to any game of yours.

I have a Ryzen 3700X and a nowadays low end GTX 1060 3GB and my max settings allowed is Medium, which I am ok with.

Releases · Blinue/Magpie (

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The issue with your rig is the same as mine, 2GB of VRAM is TOO low for today’s standards. Enjoy this wonderful game.

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Hi. I also have a 1050 and can barely play on medium. Try to set everything on low and just image quality on medium. Then the game looks okaish. I also had to put the resolution to 1600x900 to get reasonable fps while moving the camera.
Sadly it’s a really demanding game for a look that could have been released 10 years ago.
They wanted to Adress the problem that panning the camera lowers the fps significantly but so far there is nothing we can do.

1060 3GB here. It’s not that demanding of a game, specially with FSR on.

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Never tried fsr. Don’t even know if it’s work for my 1050.
Of course the game is not demanding alot compared to cyberpunk. But aoe4 looks like a game from 5-10 years ago and a lot of games of this era I can play perfectly on my 1050.

Edit: read your comment and surely will try it on my 1050. Maybe can help.

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