Anyone still out there playing AOE 1 right right now?

Any one out there that is so exicted for the Definitive Edition they started playing age of empires 1 again?
For me my Rise of Rome is able to run on win 10 with some minor freezes here and there.
And my god this game is so amazing yet has so many great flaws in there as well.
The nostalgia feeling is real and i cant wait for the Definitive Edition

I play it in the moment all day :smile:
Bur i didnt have the Ror version i have lost it :frowning:

You can use Voobly or Gameranger to play multiplayer.

Been playing again since last week, beating as fast as possible the campaigns (including the RoR ones).

I’ve hopped on GameRanger and Voobly a couple times to try and find DM games. Found a few on GR vs ChoSparks and heaven_nik yesterday I think.

I dug out my old AOE collectors edition disk, and installed AOE and RoR on my computer. I also installed the Upatch.

It actually seems to play reasonably well on my 64-bit Windows 10 Laptop, considering it’s age.

Not really even trying to find multiplayer matches. Maybe I will try to delve into multiplayer when AOE DE comes out, or if I get into the Beta (where I think I’ll have no choice if I want to participate).

I have been playing since 2011

Yes I play it every weekday for an 1 hour and weekends 6 hrs on each day…since last 20 yes…

is there any way to get the game in the virtual format without breaking the German downloads law ??

Where did you doanload the game ? I don’t see who is the link for download the game . Please help me

@TippiestChart98 said:
is there any way to get the game in the virtual format without breaking the German downloads law ??

The only way is to dump your own game CD to an .iso file. This would not break German copyright law because if I remember correctly the original discs have no copy protection on them. Unfortunately, it is not possible to buy a digital copy of it (yet).

I made due with someone’s recreated version of the Voices of Babylon campaign on steam for AoE 2. Still amazing but the itch is not so thoroughly scratched.


I tried to play once more, coincidently a few weeks before the anouncement of DE, but then I realised I’m so used to the extra ergonomical mechanics I stopped after an hour. This DE could not be better news :slight_smile:

Just installed it :slight_smile: going to to play it lol

I never stopped playing AoE :wink:
I still have my old PDA with AoE installed on it, so I can play it when I’m on the go :slight_smile:

It got quite hard getting a game of ROR on Voobly so I switched to AOE in the mid 2000s was usually a crowd to play 3v3 with KACIK, Arn_Loke etc but then started to die out. Gameranger had a bigger community but lots of non-English speakers.

Community got a bit toxic if we are honest, only allowing ‘knowns’ to play, which probably put new players off coming through on multiplayer.

Wow just played a couple of 1v1’s on voobly, amazing can’t wait for this game to come out, brings back good memories :slight_smile:

With UPatch, yes :slight_smile:

I even drove to my parents where my old AoE Disk was, to play this gem again until DE will be released ^^