Anyone trying to recreate the old Arambai

So you miss the old Arambai, but don’t want it to be oppressive against buildings? I got just the thing for you.

The current Arambai has 12/15 attack, while the old one had, let’s say 17/20 attack.

Modify both Arambai as follows:
Set max charge to 5 (basically the amount of attack you want to add)
Set charge event to 0 (important)
Set charge type to 1 (important)

Charge attack works only against units, not against buildings, so while you give Arambai +5 vs all units, you won’t give the attack bonus vs buildings. Also note that this +5 doesn’t help while garrisoning, so Arambai will add only as much arrows as if they had 12 attack, not 17

We are done. For aesthetic purposes, you may want to modify the shown attack by an appropriate value.

Also, you may want to remove the 100% damage on mishit, which can be done by reducing 2 from smart mode of the Arambai projectiles (with and without fire).