Anyone want to see China separated in two?

Since the community is talking about separating Germany, I was thinking maybe China should split in two because there were two empires existed during the AOE3 time period with totally different culture, unit composition. The current China feels like if Britain had Roman legionnaires, Vikings, knights and 18th century units combined and everyone is wearing Lord of the Rings costume. If anyone have any suggestions please let me know.


In fact, almost all developers of large MOD in China have divided China into Ming and Qing, such as 天明(Dawn: East Asia Dynasty) by 96nn , 世纪王朝(Age of Dynasties) By Huanglukuzhu , 火与变革(Fire and Reform) by Major_Pioneer. These are the three largest MODs developed by Chinese players, and China is all separated to Ming and Qing Dynasties. Maybe you can try them in MODDB.

I haven’t personally played fire and reform, but the other two you mentioned are highly unbalanced usually in favor of Ming probably cause of patriotism. I want to see a more balanced mod for DE as after playing DE for a while the original game seems really outdated.

I’ve been thinking this for a long time, except instead of using the dinastic names I thought they should be Han/Chinese and Manchu. Ideally at some point we’d get Jurchen in AoE2 and Manchu in AoE3.

Actually, I agree with you partly, But there is also political risk to consider when selling games in China.
In the eyes of Chinese censors, who regard “great Unification” as infallible, the appearance of “two Chinas” in the game could even cause the game to disappear in China.
It may be difficult to understand if you don’t live in China. I think that’s why in Age of Empires II there was only one civilization “Chinese” within the entire modern People’s Republic of China.

I am a Chinese my self and tbh I don’t really agree with you on the “great unification” stopping potential civ been added, as you mentioned before there have been Chinese making mods separating Ming and Qing and they haven’t had a problem, I know tons of Total War games featuring Ming and Qing Dynasty and that’s fine same as Qing dramas. Its only regarding Taiwan China have an issue with. Plus I think it might be an great selling point to Chinese audience one of the biggest game markets to include something more recognizable.

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OK, if you think so, I hope you’re right. Although historical simulation games such as Hearts of Iron and Europa Universalis have been banned from streaming by “relevant authorities”.


Actually great point since every other civ are doing that but my main problem with the game is about the aesthetics one great example it the villager has the right side of the shirt covering the left (same as japan) where in Chinese culture this is seen as barbaric and it should be the opposite. CKN in history are never used in warfare especially AOE3 timeframe plus they had the CKN upside down, don’t think the flying crow and flamethrower ever made pass theories and don’t even know what’s iron flail and meteor hammer and don’t see why its in the game instead of something like “索伦骑兵”Suolun cavalry or "关宁铁骑“ Guanning cavalry。 The developer doesn’t seem to know much about Chinese history and a lot are just seems to be made up, they should work with a person who knows what they are doing for things like this.



The game is based on people groups not countries, so Ming China and Qing China seperate doesnt make sense.

Technically Han and Manchu could be a thing, but I disagree with what you say how its similar to Britain having Roman legionaries.


I would not say Ming and Qing dynasties are different cultures. They are actually very similar culturally (basically the “Chinese” culture) and they only coexist for a short time (when Ming was left with only a few rump states). When Manchu people became the ruler of China they quickly adopted similar political systems and cultures just like how every conqueror of Persia became Persianated.
You can say Han people ans Manchu people (before they ruled China) are somewhat culturally different though.
This is unlike “Germans” which is an umbrella name for several co-existing separate states that rivaled each other for a long time.

EDIT: but the true problem is the very odd misuse of units and names. That’s far worse than simply “mixing Ming and Qing units”. Some of them fell out of use long before Ming and belong to neither.
Eg “keshik” as a mongol bodyguard did not fit anywhere outside the Yuan Dynasty (which hardly overlaps with the timeframe of AOE3). Flamethrowers were a Song dynasty thing, which is even earlier and not so effective (otherwise it will be massively equipped).
Chu ko nu was never a military weapon. Neither were meteor hammer or iron flail which were mostly used by martial art practitioners for self defense.
So it’s not like having roman legions and vikings for British in the same game, but having roman legions in a game set in medieval or later.


我也玩过二 可是我是在说兵种的不合理性, 如果你有证据请例出来, 可是就我所知依据明朝天工开物里面对诸葛弩的描述是精巧但设计力道相当弱的武器 最远射程20步 10米左右吧 那请问你是看你上铺的兄弟不爽准备背刺吗? 让你拿着这种武器或者给你一把筋角复合弓你愿意用哪个上战场?接着请举例哪只军队或战役用过神火飞鸭 或喷火器 没有吧?虎蹲炮有 可红衣炮 佛朗机这种经历过实战且经典的武器不比什么神火飞鸭 飞龙吐箭强嘛?(安装在船上的大型连弩除外) 。

帝三这种在中国明末到清中期的时期 近战步兵应该以长枪兵为主为的是破甲 然后慢慢向刀盾兵过度因为火器的普遍盔甲在战场上消失所以刀兵更普遍因为其通用性。

远程步兵应以弓箭手到火绳枪手转变 (游戏里可以加强中国弓箭手的威力因为清朝弓普遍较大且磅数较高具有很高的杀伤力 火器在这个时间段同比清弓不占优势)。鸟铳加火炮的比例在清朝占大概一半多吧 听说有的地区能达到70%可是咱不确定, 不过火药成分比较原始可以在列强火枪兵的基础项进行削弱。

中国骑兵的发展也是向轻骑兵发展的原因也说过了火器嘛 也应该以骑射为首 近战为辅 可是比如说清朝至少早期到中期都是也射箭也近战不知道怎样加入游戏。

游戏里中国和日本村民左任不是友任 这错误不用说了吧 和尚穿的是古剑奇谭同款吗好家伙够骚 :+1:
很多建模都是以西方人的画为主导致看着别扭且时代不对。 行了不说了,吃饭。

Exactly that’s the problem I’m having also 100% agree

For CKN, I agree with the comment that its sort of the symbol of china in aoe franchise, similar to longbows for a brit civ, you cant remove it. You can have a more accurate game where its not used but for this game it will be in there.

This is also a game where plenty of archer units compete pound for pound with gun units, the gun is will not always be more powerful. Longbows is a prime example, but also cav archers from other civs and now things like Fulani of the hausa and also spear throwers and even knife throwers, all existing on the same level and competitive with guns, its never going to be historically sound.

What I am trying to say is the unit choice and model of China with the step rider, khshik, CKN flying crow etc. how they are never from this period and probably never used for warfare and how the clothing did not match the time period.



Yes, as PRC and Taiwan.