AoE 1 Campaigns not included in RoR

This topic on reddit said the devs confirmed on facebook that there will be NO AoE 1 campaigns in the RoR DLC.

Was it not supposed to be the fully package of AoE 1 going to AoE 2 ?? If this is true, the content of this DLC is absolutely small! You are paying again for AoE 1 for half it’s content!

I think I will refund my pre-order because my main reason to buy was to play the campaigns. (unless they promise to include later)


It’s sad, but maybe the reason why they don’t add them is that they don’t want to update them in later when some important missing civs will be added. Of course this won’t be an issue in all campaigns, but would be big problem with lot of original roman campaigns. So lets hope they will be added when some relevant missing civs will be added to the game.

Don’t think they plan to add more civs and stuff to AoE 1. I thought they wanted to port everything to AoE 2 to end support to 1 and be done with it.

But looks like it’s just a move to get the Vietnamese playerbase into AoE 2 ecosystem?


I dont see really any evidence? This sounds more like a vague statement that ‘somewhere on facebook’ (facebook out of all places :sweat_smile:) it is confirmed…

So i am still waiting for an official quote of a dev confirming or denying this. This claim on reddit is too vague for me liking.


I’m not surprised given how much of an overhaul would have been needed. Remaking them would have been much more than reworking The Forgotten campaigns for AOE2DE.

At least we know now…


I am honestly fine with that. The original campaigns were…abstract at best and a chore at worst.

The AoE2 style campaigns are more evocative, and I am hoping this means we can see more campaigns in the future for Egyptians, Greeks, Yamato etc, that all follow famous people rather than abstract concepts.


AOE1 campaigns were too bare-bone. They need a redesign not a direct porting. But I don’t think that will happen.

Too bad we don’t have a modern high-quality Caesar or Alexander the Great campaign.


I sure did hate all those Babylonian priest campaigns. I certainly didn’t replay Holyman constantly and have tons of fun with it not at all.


Yes, another major difference is that most AOE1 campaigns span the length of an entire empire, the greek campaign covers Alexander in one single mission. While most AOE2 campaigns focus on one character with maybe its direct inheritance in the last 1 or 2 missions, allowing a greater focus on characters.

They use the AOE2 model for ROR.

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When I was a teenager, I didn’t like the AoE1 campaigns much, because they were weird and hard. I much preferred the campaigns in StarCraft.

I replayed the original AoE1 campaigns recently, and I really enjoyed them, because they were weird and hard. I also replayed the StarCraft campaigns, and they were kind of disappointing.

I don’t think the AoE1 campaigns would translate well to RoR though. To me, one of the improvements AoE2 made over AoE1 was that each campaign focussed on a single historical figure, giving a much stronger narrative and theme. I agree with the decision to make new campaigns for RoR rather than remake old ones.

Also, I guess someone will probably remake the old ones as custom campaigns anyway.

No, it was not.
People should separate their imagination from reality, and not form grievances based on their baseless assumptions.


I mean, even if you wanted to have all campaigns again remade for RoR that would have mean practically redesigning an entire game… Not a dlc anymore but more like an aoe1 de… again.
It’s a little too much to ask for in 6 months and for the price of a dlc, given they had other projects to work on in the meanwhile I imagine.
And yeah I’m fond of aoe1 but campaigns could just be redesigned, maybe keeping some key element in scenarios, the general historical focus (which I don’t even know what was most of the times tbh) and small reminders but I don’t see the point in just porting them again as bare bones as they were, not even having triggers and narration…

Ah…what a pity…i wanted play the original campaigns of AoE 1 in AoE 2…:cry:

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The Reddit post says someone on Steam forums said the Devs said in some fb comments. That’s quite the chain. Personally would feel more confident in all this with direct link to the fb comments (or screenshot)


The thing is that they actually said earlier on some podcast that they are going to port all AoE1 content to AoE2DE, that should mean campaigns as well and now much later they confirmed nope there won’t other campaigns beside these 3 new one.


You’re right, they should have been more precise. All this dlc marketing campaign was not good for sure.
But I’m personally more curious to see the new campaigns, specially with triggers and narration, than another “greek glory” revamp and imagine how many new ones they can create like that…
Still everything about this dlc pre launch was pretty badly handled, not gonna lie.

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How it was not…?

Look here in this podcast, jump to 51:24

The dev literally says “we are going to be moving campaigns and content from Age I into Age II”.

How is this imagination and baseless assumptions…?

And why would the devs lie like this?

  1. The cost of this DLC is 11 euros and not 35 euros, why are you lying about the ‘‘paying again for AoE1’’?
  2. This 11 euros are the cost for creating 3 new campaigns and 2 new civs ( 1 in AoE2 and 1 in Aoe2RoR), the Aoe1 port to Aoe2 is kind of free.
  3. Even so, you have no official source on that gossip with the AoE1 missing campaigns.

I asked the same. That reddit post doesnt give any real evidence.

Afaik they havent made it clear if they wanna port the AoE1 campaigns into AoE2 or not. Until i have seen or heard a full proof of this.


Here you go: