AOE 1 Egypt Diplomacy

This scenario attempts to emulate an Age of Empires 1 theme. Everyone is the Saracens, renamed as the Egyptians. You start with full pop (1000 pop) space, resources respawn on the map upon depletion.
Villagers construct buildings faster, you get a resource tribute of 50 food, wood, and gold a minute. However, you only get 25 stone a minute. Population is increased to 1000. Turbo version is 200 of each. There is also a 500 pop version.

To gain victory capture all the relics on the map, and you and your allies will win. If one player manages to own all 6 monuments all players win, including your enemies. This is a failsafe so the game can end. Alternatively, you can simply hunt down your enemy to the last man. But it will be difficult since there are no spies. Spies cannot be researched. Game is locked in the feudal age. Be warned of treachery since this is a diplomacy map. Everyone starts in very fast transports with 5 villagers inside. Only starting transport moves fast. Villagers are stronger. Can make fortified walls. Fishing ships work faster with gillnets forced research.