AoE 2 DE - API?

Does anyone know if AoE 2 DE will have a publicly accessible API so that people can create cool third-party software using match data/user data. Similar to what has done for Voobly.

Thanks in advance!


This is a must have!
Player’s info, rating, stats, clan info etc

Hello all,
Is there an API for leaderboard stats?

It seems, that there is

That is not API you can build your app against.

I meant, that the author of that site probably used some API.

aoe2net developer probly used a proxy to check what api’s the game uses internally. Then he implemented those on his site.

Does anyone actually know what API does use?

I think that’s right, this method leads to some result.
I’m just wondering why there is no official response from Relic/Microsoft. It demonstrates the level of interest regarding communication with community. I would be ok with “there is no API available for public”.
Current leaderboards are very poor.

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Now there is :slightly_smiling_face:

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How does an API work? I have seen some nice pictures of some statistics of the game. I would like to have a look at the data. I dont really know how API works. Can someone help?

API stands for Application Programming Interface, in layman’s terms, it is a set of functions that you can call to see data from a database.

You would need some programming experience in order to leverage its uses, or you can just browse sites that are already doing this, like the previously mentioned or the many graphs people have put together using the same data, this is my favorite:


I have no real experience on programming, but i am not ompletely noob in programming either. It would be nice if someone just gives some tools to get started. Just to try if i can get something out of it.

I am just wondering what is the best civ (by winrate) for a given map / range of ELO. Maybe even dependend on 1v1 or team game.

This page showed somethings, but is really bad. Every civ has a winrate about 85%? Impossible. If 1 side wins, the other sides lose. It is probably counting for games against AI too and only counting humans in that games. You cant really use this graph for conclusions.

I’m not intimately familiar with the DE API, but calling and integrating APIs is pretty straight forward, most programming languages have web client implementations that can call URLs and read the results.

I’m a C# programmer so I would use that if I wanted to query it. Teaching you how to do so if you have very little programming experience is beyond the scope of my post, but there are many articles and tutorials out there on how to interface with APIs, just look some up, they don’t have to be AoE2 specific.

Do you have some articles and tutorials to recommend for starters about using API?
If not I will google.

I don’t have any specific examples, no.

Youtube and google have plenty of content for this, though.

OK. I’ll have a look at Youtube and Google.

Keep in mind that when you make a request to an API, you are just going to get a big dump of numbers. In this case, they are all stored in a JSON document. Here is a tutorial for how to get to this data in Python: How to Use an API with Python (Beginner's Guide) [Python API Tutorial]

The page you have linked pulls its stats from the API:

The civilization data can be found by making a GET request to: (API)/GetGlobalStats

-Edited to fix API location

Doubling up due to link limit:

I am not sure what the reason is for the problem you have pointed out, but it is possible that you are correct. For that reason, and because it is likely in a cleaner format, I think this API may be a better source to use:

I managed to get things working. I can get some data and make it readable (convert text string to some tables). I just notice something: Player Match History in contains lots of statistics about the players, lobby settings, civs, … It seems like it does not contain info about how win and how lose?!

This page does not exist?!