AOE 3 DE Online Multiplayer

What do you think are the chances that the new edition will come with an improved online multiplayer platform? Current ES Online is pain in the ■■■■ in too many ways. Forget about the de-syncing, I can’t even join the same room with my brother, who is playing on the other PC in the house… I really don’t understand how current ESO can be so screwed.

Honestly, by improved I really mean ‘working properly’.

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They confirmed that all the DEs and 4 use the same online platform.


Hi! May I ask for a bit more info on that? I am not familiar what aoe 2 DE is using

The chance is 100%. Multiplayer platform will be completely replaced with new one on the Xbox Live infrastructure that Microsoft is using for all DEs.

Based on AoE2:DE, you can expect some of the networking become server-based (so players are not just directly connected to each other like on ESO). Match networking being handled through an actual server should generally offer better multiplayer performance and lessen the negative effect a single player with bad connection can have on an entire match.

You can also expect a server-based observer mode that allows you to independently observe running matches without taking up a player slot.


I hope there’s Rank Games and a list of Maps to choose from like in AoE II DE.

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Thank you for the elaborate answer!

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I wonder if AoE3 Definitive Edition will allow us to relog on our old account or if we have to start all over at the begining like ranks, civ level etc ?

Old accounts will stay on ESO. I don’t think anything will be transferred over.
You don’t have to worry about grinding cards though, they will all be unlocked on DE for everyone.


I hate to bump an old thread, and I also hate to accidentally repeat a point if it’s been mentioned elsewhere. I didn’t find anything about this specifically, so here goes:

I agree 100% about the need for better reliability both in-game and while trying to connect. The in-game lag caused by p2p also will be refreshing to see corrected.

BUT: I really hope the functionality of ESO is not lost in the process. My worry stems from my time playing AOE2:DE, where the multiplayer is significantly less feature-rich than ESO. The functionality of Quick Search or being in a lobby while still editing home cities or game options or private messaging (or adding) a friend is a huge advantage ESO has over the AOE2:DE multiplayer experience. I’m sure I’m missing some things, but overall ESO is easy to navigate and figure out and there are not many glaring limitations like I’ve encountered on AOE2:DE multiplayer.

Crossing my fingers that the developers have already heard this feedback and have considered preserving the things about ESO that made it work well while on their journey to improve the things that didn’t work.



Will DE bring more players back to AOE3 you think?

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Yes, most definitely.

The question is:. How many and how sticky will they be. I think this depends on how well the game is executed at launch and how engaged the existing community and devs are with the game’s success. It’s a group effort!


For me the issue is the lag. Game works fine mostly, but when i join multiplayer match, my FPS drops to 3-4 and as i heared it affects other players who are in the same game as me. So i pretty much can’t play the Multiplayer…
Otherwise game works fine, no issues at all