DE Multiplayer Functionality

This topic is being made because I have not seen any topics recently addressing only the functionality of the latest DE multiplayer menu. Many of my thoughts will have been mirrored from an earlier post I made before any of the recent betas as I feel many of my previous fears are being realized.

My intention is for this topic to not deviate into multiplayer performance (such as OOS or lag) or even the aesthetics/placement of multiplayer menu UI. We’ve all seen and given enough feedback related to how the multiplayer performs in-game as well as how the menus look. I also don’t want this topic to deviate much into the specific features inside of QuickSearch, as I feel like this has also been talked about at length. Finally, this is not a place to mention bugs that have been mentioned before in the bug forums. If it’s obviously a bug and it’s been posted about, it will get fixed. If it’s not been posted about, go post about it in the correct subforum.

What I’d like to measure in this thread is the community beat on how they felt the functionality is in DE multiplayer.

Here is my feedback to start:

+ I love how quickly I’m able to access multiplayer from the main menu.
+ I love how decks in Single player & Multiplayer are aligned.
+ I love the “recently played” addition to the friends list functionality. This is a choice feature.
+ I love the addition of 3 and 4 teams as well as the option to select only competitive maps.
+ I love the addition of spectator mode. Such a great improvement and I look forward to the continued development of this feature for the competitive scene.

- I dislike the lack of in-game messaging feature. Equivalent in AOE3 was “whisper.” This should be easily accessible by right clicking on a player name anywhere you see it, especially friends list.
- I dislike the inability to view other players’ decks and civs easily. This should be accessible through multiple places like in AOE3: user search, right click on lobby guest name, right click on friend in friend’s list, etc.
- I dislike the inability to view casual lobbies while in matchmaking queue or while inside of another casual lobby.
- I dislike the inability to view any sort of rating for a player when in a casual lobby. Even if the devs do not want to allow ranked casual lobbies, these lobbies ought to be able to have each lobby guest’s matchmaking rank, win %, etc. easily visible to all players in the lobby.
- I dislike the omission of certain key game information when inside of a casual lobby. E.g. if you are in a treaty game, it should show how long the treaty is for when you are inside the lobby, not just in the game browser. It should also probably show if blockade is enabled, which server the host is, etc. It might not be a bad idea to bring back individual player ping or IP address country too.
- Not really a dislike, but it would be neat to consider an option where teams could be randomized in a casual lobby before the game starts. The idea would be for the host to select how many total teams there should be and then click “randomize teams,” after which the game goes through whichever algorithm it normally goes through when teams are all random to arrive at a suggested team breakdown in the lobby before everybody clicks READY. The randomizer could be clicked any number of times by the host until a satisfactory matchup results. You’d be surprised how many arguments something so simple can solve.

Please add your own ideas, thoughts, and support to other contributors’ ideas! Thanks.


Yes you are right. Not seeing if the game is with blockade or without is really bad. Espacially if you are playing 20mins and suddenly see block is allowed ^^

Some other points:

  • The game browser should also allow to filter for treaty games and not only for “1v1 treaty”, “2v2 treaty”
  • you can not see if the host has put in AI (only by seeing the number of players != the number of players shown on the right detail pane)
  • you can go for a ranked treaty game, but not choose how long the treaty mode should be (or at least that is what I was seeing so far, cause I left the queue). Treaty 10 is a big difference to Treaty 40 games. So this should be a option for sure.

Great points @JocheNisDa

There have been a few other good topics about this posted. These threads should probably be merged all together (this one included):

I’m not going to post in every single one of those topics directing them back to my own topic like some people are wont to do. This behavior does expose the need for merging of topics, however.


I feel as if threads being merged together will reduce the very slim chances devs read any of this.

Each of the posts you links gives different reasons why we would like to see custom games be ranked and more comprehensive.

You can find a good TLDR of specifically the ranked custom game issue here: (feel free to add your own thoughts here too!)

Why am I surprised.

The items mentioned in each of the threads would be suitable as replies with additional related suggestions to any of those threads. Just like with game bugs, suggestions and related comments should be kept to one thread. This is also why they request you search for related topics before posting. This helps the dev team not be overwhelmed by duplicate topics relating to a similar discussion.

It’s perfectly acceptable to make a duplicate thread accidentally, however, since it can be rectified by mods simply merging the topics. I’m assuming the best about the threads I linked by including them here for the mods to see and handle.

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also, bumping every thread discussing this isn’t helping either.

Super threads get attention, not 6 threads with 4 replies all saying the same thing.


@CroppingSolid42 said what I was trying to say in far fewer words. Thanks. :laughing:


TL;DR please merge them all. I don’t care about my forum stats. I just want all voices heard. Thx!

One stupid thing is when you are in a ranked lobby with your friends or alone, doesnt matter, and you simply click on profile tab or anything else and you have just kicked yourself out from the lobby. Dude, this is so dumb, i dont know who has programmed this, but its so stupid. They could make the game ask you if you are certain of leaving the lobby or just make be able to navigate thoughtout the new “eso” while we are in lobby.