AOE DE crashes

One of my friends just did update his windows 10 to build 1809 and the game works fine as normal

Almost every new build of Windows even feature updates gave problems with the game, so it’s good to hear that it works for your friend, but it doesn’t say too much about your issue yet.

At the time of reinstallation did you wipe all your partitions before starting the fresh installation?

And did you boot from the USB key to perform the fresh install?

It is strange that a fresh installation from USB key media causes a problem like this. There some differences between upgrade through Windows or Microsoft update against an in-place upgrade and fresh installation from USB bootable Windows 10 media.

One more thing left to try that we missed. Could you download another Microsoft game like Mahjong and pause it while it downloads and then try to start AOE DE?

Please try this below both user the profiles with restart in between.

And I just noticed another strange thing. Your profile folder is named HUN1TDW. Usually when a Microsoft Account is added as sign in account it is named like ACCOUNT_000. So although you state you always used to sign in with your Microsoft account I still think this one is a local account that has been connected to your Microsoft Account. Your laptop should also be registered below your Microsoft Account which you can check below the Microsoft Account management pages. So before we start reinstalling (again) there are a few more tests I would like you to perform.

At the time of re-installation, I did wipe all my partitions on my SSD where the OS was installed on and yes, I did boot from the USB bootable to perform the fresh install.

I tried the method of downloading another MS game then paused it but still the game didn’t launch.

My profile folder is named HUN1TDW caused I did change my computer name through the properties settings of this PC. I was originally named DESKTOP with some random numbers.

Does this mean that your computer name is set the same as your user name, because the profile folder name below C:\Users is not in anyway related to a computer name. E.g. You can change the computer name as much as you like while the name of your profile in C:\Users will not change and just works like previous logon.

If your computer name at the moment is exactly the same as your user name, I would change that to something else. It’s a bad practice.

Could you also check if there are any HP restore partitions left on the 1 TB harddisk?

And another request to perform. Could you open Settings and go to Accounts and the Other People. Please post back that screen as well please. You can wipe out part of your MS account name of course.

For me, I changed my computer name which also changed my C:\Users profile name.

I still have the HP restore partitions left on the 1TB hard disk.

In settings/accounts/other people, I only have Admin user that you told me to create before

Okay. I would recommend to delete the HP restore partition as it became useless after a USB boot fresh clean install on disk 0 (SSD). Is it possible to wipe it completely (disk 1)? If not you have to move all personal user data stored on that disk to some external backup storage. The same I would do for all your data (Documents, Music, Pictures etc.) below your MS account login. If you don’t have external backup storage we could wipe it first and then use it to safe store some things if necessary. I still want to test two more things to be really sure before we start the in-place upgrade, because it doesn’t feel like there is a problem with your Windows 10 installation.