AoE: DE is too hard for Beginners

I got AoE: DE almost a year ago at this point and even after comprehensively playing it I only have 3 actual conquest victories. The first problem is the AI never resigns, I destroyed the AI’s town centre in the Tool Age and it still didn’t resign, I had to hunt down every villager and destroy every building. The second problem, the AI rushes very early and if you don’t have lock teams enable, your team ally might team up against you. Someone must create a comprehensive guide of every possible strategy or the devs should rewrite the AI from scratch. One more thing, they should have the game remember which civ you picked last for Single-Player Match.


What difficulty are you playing against the AI? I have moderate set and the AI is a pushover.

I play against the easy AI on RM and DM.

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I’d like the ‘easiest’ difficulty level to be tweaked even more in favour of unskilled players. I don’t consider myself even the average player, so the AI normally wins matches, unless I somehow exploit the AI flaws.


I finally figured out how to beat the AI. A combination of Phalanxes, Armored Elephants and Scythe Chariots is impossible for it to beat. I take back everything I said about the game not being fun enough. :star::star::star::star::star:

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This is what I’m expecting in a possible future patch, a revision for the difficulty of A.I.


Armored Elephants are very overpowered in DM because they can tear through buildings and is resistant to all damage.


RTS games generally have the problem that beating the next stronger AI is always a huge difference in difficulty. Plus the games take relatively longer so if you would beat the next stronger AI in 50% of the matches you might loose in the first one and loose motivation.
Also RTS has the problem that the best way of learning how to play it, even on a low level, isn’t playing more but looking up tutorials and build order guides.
Unlike for example a shooter where you get better as you play and you only have to look into strategy on higher levels of play.
It’s generally recommended to play the campaigns first but they have difficulty spikes in AoE1 (same for AoE2 and 3).
If you start the game for the first time you should really play the Egyptian campaign but the game doesn’t tell you that.


I fully agree. It’s more about learning about the technologies, use of hotkeys, timing, good decision-making, discarding useless units/buildings and using the right ones, and it doesn’t even end there.

Even though AoE1 is not as deep as other RTSs, it can still be very demanding.


[quote=“SlenderBadger98, post:9, topic:113044”]
Even though AoE1 is not as deep as other RTSs, it can still very demanding.[/quote]

What do you base this on? From my experience in multiple RTS games(Supreme Commander, Command & Conquer, StarCraft, Spellforce, etc.) Age of Empires is from the more mechanically and strategically demanding side to play. The economy in it is rather complicated, there are plenty of unit relations that change over time due to upgrades and civilisations, the maps are very diverse and so are game options. So I’m a bit confused as to what RTS are you comparing it to when you come to this conclusion?


I usually play with Full Tech Tree, so my opinion is largely based on those experiences.
But what I meant in relation to AoE1: DE, is that despite not having many units, technologies or options to play with, I think of it as a challenging, and in many occasions, a very difficult game.

Other RTS games I played: AoE:2:DE, Age of Mythology; Extended Edition, WarCraft 3 (the original).


I recently started playing StarCraft I and II and even though it is easy I am not a fan and it doesn’t let me skrimish the AI, I have to play long boring campaigns when I could have fun playing against the AI. Plus, 6 gigs for a game from the '90s and 28 for a game from 2010 is preposterous, it took me an hour to download and I have 100 MB/s fibre internet.

Starcraft isn’t easy and it let’s you skirmish against AI, of course it does.
No one forces you to play campaigns. SC2 is even free to play for everything besides campaigns and ranked multiplayer.

Wait what?
The game is absolutely not intended to be played like this and it completely ruins the balance and the concept of the game.

The thing is, I don’t think this thread is for discussing civilizations, but the artificial intelligence as a whole. I do play “normal” games, however, yes (and the campaign too).

I don’t know what you guys think, but speaking of AIs, do you feel like Romans should be nerfed? Every time I play against them with Greeks (in maps without water), I lose. They have catapults, priests and menacing legions.

It won’t let me play when I clicked the A.I. button in the Versus menu, the play button was just greyed out.

u can win in bronze easily. Hoplite is much more efficient than swordsman

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Horrible! Full tech tree is the worst. It is as bad as Map all visible. :scream:

The good thing about the game is the bonuses and the different paths that civs take in the tech tree and the exploration.

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The Romans were already nerfed. His cheap buildings bonus has been reduced. The towers went from 75 to 90.
Slingers were a good strategy for Rome, but now they take longer to train.
In addition, the S.C. they were also nerfed. Rome does not have strong cavalry or archers. Their siege and their ships are not that powerful because they have no alchemy.
The Legion is the best unit they have.

Probably I have to perfect my strategy, then. Cheers.

I always play with All-Visible in every Age game.