AoE: DE is too hard for Beginners

I got AoE: DE almost a year ago at this point and even after comprehensively playing it I only have 3 actual conquest victories. The first problem is the AI never resigns, I destroyed the AI’s town centre in the Tool Age and it still didn’t resign, I had to hunt down every villager and destroy every building. The second problem, the AI rushes very early and if you don’t have lock teams enable, your team ally might team up against you. Someone must create a comprehensive guide of every possible strategy or the devs should rewrite the AI from scratch. One more thing, they should have the game remember which civ you picked last for Single-Player Match.


What difficulty are you playing against the AI? I have moderate set and the AI is a pushover.

I play against the easy AI on RM and DM.

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I’d like the ‘easiest’ difficulty level to be tweaked even more in favour of unskilled players. I don’t consider myself even the average player, so the AI normally wins matches, unless I somehow exploit the AI flaws.

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