AOE II DE - Plans to add new units for Scenario Editor?

Hi there,

Have you plans about adding new units to the game, particularly in the Scenario Editor? I’m thinkg about the massive variety of units that we see already in the form of mods in AoE FE when it was released (I think there was even a dragon there) & AoE HD.


Oh, dragon would be so cool :slightly_smiling_face: :dragon:

I mean, I hate to be a bummer, but Dragon in AOE2 will be like Fountain of Youth in AOE3

What are the car, the penguin & the cat-shark if so?

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Cavalry - Horse crossbow Camel lancer Camel skirmisher Camel Gunner Elephant Gunner Elephant crossbow
Foot Units - Landsknecht Swiss Pikeman Tercio More Slavic,Arabic,Asian archers/spearman
Fantasy - Dragon,Giant,Spider,Skeleton,Zombie.
Other - Female Monk,Nobleman,Noblewoman,Dog,Child,Chicken,Donkey cart,Banner man

Also correct/historical skins for the heroes.Anything I missed?


I would love to see more buildings, terrains, trees, animals… Elements that help making marvelous scenarios, full of detail and colours. Imagine the amount of stories you could tell in custom scenarios with more elements of all kind.
I love to see my little brother astonished when he finds one of those huge buildings in the editor (pyramids, gol gumbaz) that he hasn’t seen before. More of those would be great


Arabic/Turkish looking archer. Nubian archer/Archer of the Eyes. Custom skins for merchants, queens, kings, Noblemen/Noblewomen, Nuns, Pope with Mitre, Customised monk/priests. Agreeing with you on the dog, chicken, duck, banner men. Besides Donkey cart, a merchant on a camel would be nice (both single hump and double hump camel). Spearmen/Pikemen with a shield.

A Tapir to replace to javelina in South America/Central America maps, and a panda bear to eat our bamboo forests. And maybe a hippo for African maps.


Those two animals I miss the most in AoE2.

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There were chickens and dogs (two types) in the Age of Chivalry mod. I used them in my games alot.

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How did he add the variants? Was it two different units? or was it randomly changing like house/villager?

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Replaced a Tame Hunting Wolf. Two models

Here it is. Credits to AOC whoever made it.

Forgot to add a templar and hospitalar units to the list.

Maybe a mounted Teutonic Knight with a Helm and a Hashashin.

And a Mounted Samurai

I want to able to set password so that my scenario would not be edited by other people.

Then don’t publish it, so that no-one can touch it.

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They could just port the Dragon cheat from AoE1, and turn all birds into Dragons.

I want a Crusades themed unit set, as the Crusades were really a huge part of the Middle Ages, and it is a shame we do not have more fitting Scenario units.

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We dont have any crusader units even after two decades.TK is the placeholder unit for all crusader.
They added saldin and babarosa but no real skins for them,just why?

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Those are cheats.

Cheats are a different topic.

It would turn the game into game of thrones tbh.

If that would be a mod, I’d have no problem with it.