AoE III: DE Beta Participant Forum Badge

Hello AoE III: DE beta participants!

All of us here at World’s Edge would like to extend a big THANK YOU for participating in any of the Age of Empires III: Definitive Edition closed betas. To show our appreciation, we will be awarding a brand new forums badge and title to anyone who joined in on the fun. We will be rolling this out to Insiders once the current AoE III: DE beta has concluded.

Our very talented web designer—the very same who designed the previous AoE II: DE badge you may be sporting­—has also designed the current badge, which you can see below:


When awarded, this badge will take the place of your current Age Insider forums badge. In the future, we hope to provide different avenues through which to show off the various Age betas and Insider activities that you participate in.

What does the badge represent?

When creating this newest badge, we wanted to stay consistent with the previous iteration, while continuing to represent three elements:

  • Consistency with the Insider brand. We framed the Insider “IN” with a banner in the standard Age Insider badge and wanted to incorporate that general shape into other Insider-related content.
  • The goal of our Insider Program. We view the Age Insider Program as an opportunity for us to embrace your feedback. We value your input and your passion for the Age series, and those things have allowed us to build (and continue building) an amazing franchise together. We kept the subtle nod to the act and art of construction (i.e. the ruler marks along the top) while also representing one of AoE III’s special game play elements.
  • The activity in which you participated. In this case, the Age III: DE closed beta! Instead of getting too conceptual, we decided to stay both consistent and direct by once again wrapping the Insider banner around the numerals iconic representing the title.

Can I change it back to the Insider badge?

Unfortunately, no. For now, the forums icons that sit atop your profile picture will represent your most recent Insider activity. We are exploring a variety of options for building out this system in the future—especially as more betas and activities become available.

Thank you!

As we continue to build and expand the Insider program, our eyes and ears are open to any suggestions you may have about continuing to make the program valuable for Age fans of all types. Keep watching the forums, or your inbox, for more ways to contribute in the future.


Awesome :slight_smile: Thank you

Very cool! Thanks again!

LeL Thanks mate :slight_smile: it’s pretty awesome

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No one has ever cared like that for me. Thank you :heart:


I’m contributing a lot, thank you very much for the seal.

The passion you have shown for a simple forum badge exemplifies the amazing passion your team is showing our beloved Age of Empires! Thank you!

look very good. Thank you for selecting me and people like me :slight_smile:

ok thats great love that, cant wait

Hello! thanks for the follow-up. Gettin’ excited to launch this game :slight_smile:

Very nice ! Thank you very much :smiley:

Is it just me or this is useless ?

Thank you :slightly_smiling_face:

Looks very nice, will wear it with honor :smiley:

whatever suites you best

No i mean we’re talking about a picture in a forum. Not content in game right ?

well what we’re doing is voluntary. you can apply for an actual job at games companies and test even earlier in development games and get paid, special in game content for your account stuff like that.
For example a friend of mine worked at ubisoft and he has everything for free in rainbow six siege, he also receives some free games too (and this is just the stuff he’s aware of).

nice badge design. but now that i think about it i didn’t get a badge for when AOE1 DE was in close beta hmm. completely slipped past me

Yes totally, I’m feeling lucky to ne able to test âge of games earlier and to give my feedback, don’t misunderstand me. But I was hoping content in game such as what we can receive on other games.


That’s Great!
It’s good to contribute to a franchise that has marked my life so much. I hope our feedbacks can improve the game even more.