📢 Welcome to the Age III: DE Beta Streaming Event!

Welcome to the Age of Empires III: Definitive Edition Beta Streaming Event!


Greetings Age Insiders!

We hope you are as excited for the upcoming release of Age of Empires III: Definitive Edition as we are! To celebrate, we are relaxing the NDA restrictions and inviting you to share your excitement about the game and its beta through streaming, videos, social media, memes - and so on! Not only are participants getting an exclusive preview of the game, but you can brag about it to all your friends and family! Now, let’s upgrade those Trade Routes and get the HYPE-train moving! :partying_face:

The Beta Streaming Event will run from October 8th until October 14th. Emails with Steam keys will be sent out at the start of the event, and we’ll update this post to confirm when they have all been sent.

UPDATE: all invitation emails have been sent out. Happy gaming!

UPDATE: We hope you’ve enjoyed the Streaming Event for Age of Empires III: Definitive Edition! The beta has now come to a close. Thank you to everyone for your wonderful feedback! Uninstall directions can be found here and you can begin pre-loading the game for tomorrow’s release (October 15th)! Happy gaming!

Some of the community’s favorite streamers will also be joining the event with content throughout the week - see more details over on the blog!

What is Available in the Beta

  • Multiplayer and Skirmish game modes are fully unlocked! You can play solo or with your friends!
    • Play as any of the 14 civilizations, including the new Inca and Swedes!
  • Campaign Act I - Blood is available for play!
  • The first two Art of War missions Early Economy and Treasures are available to preview!

Things to Keep in Mind

  • The official forum for this beta is the public Age of Empires III: DE forum, and support works just like it will for post-launch

  • The official Age of Empires Discord can be used for troubleshooting and matchmaking.

  • This beta is utilizing a beta product in Steam separate from the retail version, as such:

    • Campaign and the Art of War progress will not transfer to the retail version upon release.
    • The same is true for Saved and Recorded games, decks built in the Deckbuilder, and any customization to the Home City, Hotkeys, Settings, etc.
    • If you pre-order the game, you may see both the pre-order and the beta in your Steam library. Please make sure you are using your Branch Password on the Age of Empires III: Definitive Edition Beta product, and launching from that product as well.
      • More information about pre-orders, including discounts, can be found HERE
  • While bugs are not a focus of this beta, we appreciate any bugs that you are able to report to the Report a Bug subforum.

  • The beta will end on October 14th @ 10am PDT (5pm GMT) but the forums will continue on to support the retail version of the game after its release.

    • Please see THIS POST for directions on uninstalling the beta as well as further uninstall advice from the community.
  • Participants in this beta, as well as our previous beta sessions, have been granted a special forum badge to honor and celebrate your involvement

  • You may see certain streamers and members of the press sharing content not available as part of the Streaming Event, this is because they have access to a separate build. Feel free to check them out to see even more of the game!

  • For this event, we have relaxed the Guidelines & NDA to allow participants to share and discuss their experiences, stream and upload videos of the beta, show-off the game to friends, post screenshots, hype on social media, etc. Other aspects of the Guidelines and NDA will still apply, such as the Microsoft Services Agreement and its Code of Conduct when interacting with other players online.

Thank you…

Finally, thank you for participating in the beta and have fun! This has been one for the ages! We could not have worked towards making the Definitive Edition the best version of Age of Empires III that it could be without the support and dedication of fans like you! Thank you.


Where do I head to if I applied my steam key but game is not showing in library?

Hi, go to age of empires DE in the library(it should be there )Than go to proprieties by right-clicking on the game in steam, then go to beta and insert the key after that apply the Microsoft-multiplayer branch and update the files. Hf in AOE III:DE

close the windoew and change the tag from games to all

is in softwere cuse is not thge full release is just the multiplayer stress demo

hope i helped yall
And have fun
if you have any more questions dont be shy and ask

What a surprise<3 beta key. thank you

Thank you, looking forward to playing this beta and my already preordered version months ago :slight_smile:

no Traditional Chinese?

Come on discord of age of empires. It will be easier to help there.

Already fixed it. Just Re-installed steam

Okay great :ok_hand:t3:

how could that be ? Such a BUG in the CG

There are more BUGs than I thought and not only in CGs.
I’m using Intel Isis Plus 640 GPU.

Tatical control of troops… should be fix.
If I select, Defens, stay in position, or attack position, I have to sellect any kind of and select. Example…

If I have hussards, Muskters and a cannon, and suddenly I want to put in defense tatic (make a square and the cannon stay in the midle) to protect the cannon, I have to select hussards and click defense mode, and them, musketers and defense too.

In age 2 DE we can select everything and the tatical mode will be applied for every kind of troop.

As a game that is focus on combat… could you help with improvements in this part?

In this image i have a example, I select defense mode, have to applied this for every unit… waste of time.


Hi, What time will the game be released on October 15th? I am in Australia GMT+10 Timezone!

They literally just said this and you guys still waste everyone’s time sharing your bugs here? Put it in the bugs thread for crying out loud…

@Khorix9572 @SunnyFomalhaut @DanielCostaRJ all of you guys… :roll_eyes::roll_eyes:

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Did anyone else just lose access to the streaming event on Steam? I have internet access but upon launching the game in Steam it says I can only play online, but my PC is definitely online.