AOE III DEck builder (ON-LINE)

Hi guys! i’m glad to share with you the AOE III DEck builder. It is an online app in a beta mode, but i’ll be working in adding some enhancements and new features. You are able to create a deck for any civ and download an image to share.

Also you are free to report any issue in the app.

This is an open source project so everybody is welcome to participate.


Discord: Dori#9185
Twitch: dori_aoe_mx


great app! is this Angular ? or just a JS ?

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ótimo parabéns pelo projeto


Muito obrigado!! n.n


I’ve always thought of something like this. Thank you for making it come true!

As far as I’ve seen: in vertical mode ( smartphone) I can’t slide further than Commerce Age. If I use my smartphone in horizontal mode I can see all ages just fine.

Also: the page only works with imagine right? No texts for effects correct?


I use React.js to build de application.


Thanks i appreciate.

Right now the application has onyl support for desktop, i’ll add some improvements to support mobile devices.

The app is isolated from the game it is not sync with the game, it is for sharing purposes, when you don’t have time to open the game.


I made a new release of the application, I included improvements for mobile devices. Now you are able to slide further all ages


Thanks a lot!! I noticed… And of course X2 of what everyone has said; also i noticed in japanese on age 2 it was missing the onin war card but i don’t know if i say this stuff in the other link you gave; it’s just to inform haha not a complain at all xd the app is top notch!

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Also hast du es geschafft, die Effekte anzeigen zu lassen? Oder doch per hand geschrieben? ^^

Thanks for you words, i appreciate a lot. And related for some missing cards or any issue please use the link to report it, i’ll handle only the issues reported in that link, because is mor organized for me.

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I’m pulling the information from the “effects” data, i was able to pull most of the “effects” information, there is some words and translations that i couldn’t but i still working on the inverse engineering for those cases.



Thanks mate! I think it will be great for mobile users.

Personally I don’t have a use case for it, but it’s great to see such tool nonetheless. It’s such a shame civ customization is not present in IV. It’s a magnificent way to add depth and replayability and a super-easy way to regularly introduce new content and balance the game in general.
Its inclusion should be a common sight in the genre :unamused:

Suggestion: one GUI element is atm designed in a slightly counterintuitive way language switcher.

IMHO it should show the currently enabled language. It’s obvious, and since there are only two it’s not a big issue, but one of the solutions is adding ‘eng’ on the left of the switch, or changing ‘es’ into ‘eng/es’, maybe with inactive language greyed out.

Super minor thing overall :slight_smile:

This is the first feature that i implement using the sources from the game, i’m planning to add more features now that i have the experience from the inverse engineering applying just in this feature.

Also as i mentioned in the post it is an Open Source project, everbody is able to collaborate.

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New update!

Language switch now displays flags to better accessibility


Era-appropriate flags are a nice touch too :sunglasses:


I’d rather have the languages spelled out or with ISO language codes. I didn’t recognize the flags at first, likely because I’m American (plus, the country with the most English speakers is India, so neither flag works for them).

Regardless of what you do with the switch, you could have it check for the browser language on startup and switch to that language automatically (with either English or Spanish as a fallback if they have some other language).

Work in progress, new feature…


may devs hire this @DoriBalam ? for being dev please, i bet this guy wouldspend 24 hours developing game, i think devs right now are lazy, but this guy i think he would work