AoE IV disappointment. .?

So guys who are comparing different RTS games with other games with other themed RTS games, please check this out:

And those who are saying that the graphics are cartoony, sorry to break it to you, but AOE 4 is in production phase, it will be hard and costly for them to go back. We are not even sure if this game will have a smooth path of development, let alone whether the game will be disappointed or everything we hoped fo, so it is better to sometimes suck up sad feelings, in this case, graphics are “cartoony,” and give Relic and other supporting studios chance and new ideas.

Criticising without even seeing the final product, heck even a proper beta product is I think bit harsh. Look, here is what I will say, STOP with cartoony vs not cartoony bullshit, the game is following the current trends, there is nothing wrong with that. What is wrong- AOE 4 adapting the modern gameplay trends and leaving behind the age roots.

Be optimistic sometimes. It makes end product good. Don’t become noise that will block good ideas. There are tons of threads containing new ideas here in Age IV section, but people are headed to sort of negative corners like this. Such a shame.

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