AOE-V should be based on AOE-3

I feel that AOE-3 is a great game and although it is not the most popular, ironically it is designed to adapt to different tastes and styles of play due to its great diversity of mechanics. That’s why I think the next Age of Empires sequel should be inspired by AOE-3.

AOE-3 touched on so many new concepts that it’s a shame AOE-4 didn’t consider any of the many things that AOE-3 considered and implemented:

  • Alliances with local populations.
  • Mercenaries and outlaws that you can hire.
  • Cattle raising.
  • Treasures spice up exploration and give slight advantages when you get them.
  • Maps with a lot of details (Although all AOE have it, including AOE-O, but I don’t know why in AOE-4 there are no flying birds or crocodiles). I mean Gaia in general where the details do count.
  • Very unique civilizations with very unique units.
  • Metroploli and experience mechanics, which in short are supplies and/or support with technologies or politics from the capital.
  • ‘Leader’ or ‘Hero’ type units that can scout or give Bonuses to your troops, and have different abilities.

Surely I have things to comment on, but I think the contributions of AOE-3 should not be discarded, which in turn is based a bit on AOM.

I also think that these mechanics would apply to any period of setting and not only to the era in which AOE-3 is set (Since the discovery of America, until almost the 20th century). It could for example apply to classical antiquity.

Forum AOE-3 DE: AOE-V should be based on AOE-3

<Mercenaries and minor factions> Mechanics that should not be discarded. The best of AOE-3 for me!


I would rephrase the title differently:

"AoE V should reconsider a lot of the mechanics and new ideas originally included in AoE III"

I don’t think people want a clone of AoE III, especially since AoE III is still around and feels very modern.

I’m old enough to remember when AoE III originally launched and I can tell you people despised the late colonial age setting. I wouldn’t attempt that again.


It seems you didn’t read. I never said a clone.

I did read the whole post. I’m just preparing you for the onslaught of people who will argue that you want a clone. I do understand your point, just pointing out that the title may trigger some.

I don’t see what your problem is. If that’s what he thinks whatever, why are you being so hostile. Also AoE 4 is very boring, and has a lazy design and gameplay. Not a terrible game like some people say it’s just a disappointment


Ok , if aoe 3 is no good why is that the only place on the forum you usually comment on

Mediocre is not a word that applies to AOE-3. Could you specify why it is medicre AOE-3? Almost every time someone says that AOE-3 is bad, they just say it’s because it doesn’t look like AOE-2, but they can’t quite argue why AOE-3 is “bad”.

I don’t think something like livestock or local populations for an AOE game is a involution, I think they would be nice additions even for the current AOE-4.


Reggeaeton is better than any music genre because it is more popular. Being more popular does not always mean that it is better, it may be that they have done better marketing or made sure they have a good competitive community or at launch it was not so good and they did not receive more opportunities.

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he says evolution of it not an copy from aoe 2 like aoe 4 tries to do.

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Yup, some of the AoE 3 ideas were great.
I was just calling it on this becoming a very chaotic thread, and here we are.


If AOE-V comes someday I would hope to see a reboot, a game from classical antiquity with good graphics and fresh fun gameplay, gathering qualities from previous games like you mentioned but going beyond as well , a game to not be only an alternative from its previous titles, but competitive with others AAA.


Colonial era is just different, then medieval and maybe people more disliked transition to gunpowder being always present. Most people associate AOE with swords/bows/trebuchets and small part will also associate with early gunpowder…

(we could talk about irony of people wanting Aztecs, Incas and not being willing to accept that these dont make sense outside of Colonialism for historical game or game that completely focuses only on America as they are not really comparable to European and Asian warfare)

Anyway probably best era to cover is still early modern to pre world war era (before aircrafts, armored cars/tanks etc…, which should be around 1890 for end date). World War era is more suitable for spin off or reviving other RTS titles that once covered these periods.

It has much more potential for diversity and better use of these AOE3 mechanics to truly shine.

Antiquity could work as well, but I would prefer AOM over AOE in that case.


That’d be me. In all honesty, hearing about a pre-WW1 AoE game sounds a bit heretic, but with the right mechanics and ideas baked in, I could see myself loving it.

You’d need to do away with the classic: stone/gold/food/wood resource separation and come up with something else like: iron/wood/fuel/food or something similar. There’s inspiration to be had from the Anno games which already covered those periods in time.

I love AOE3 <3 AOE3 DE and Age of Mythology are my favorite AOE games. They are the most fun to play for me. There should be an AOE Mythology 2 and AOEM DE. Besides they should make AOE5 with the same mindset like AOE3. Meaning actually new cool features and not a bad clone of a previous AOE game like AOE4 did.


I agree with the sentiment although I wouldn’t say based. I want an Age game that is based on itself like all the other ones and to not repeat AoEIV’s mistake trying to mimic something from the distant past (unsuccessfully). But obviously it should take notes by a lot of great things that AoEIII and other Age games that succeeded AoEII do. Hopefully that will happen at some point and we will all be seeing AoEIV as an unfortunate misstep.

hahaha I love how cleverly you assume that AOE4 is a lost cause and you are already waiting for AOEV. I understood it that way and you are right, Im with you in this one… I was thinking it was gonna be a complete improved version of AOE3, why in the world they removed all those things you mention? they just had to add better graphics to the same game! they messed it up, the result was not good.


I really like aoe3 both setting and gameplay wise, it was really unique but I don’t think I’d want another Aoe similar to it. I really hope the next game is Ancient/Roman era, with more of a focus on larger cities and with heavy infantry playing a more dominant role than heavy cav.

The point is not that it looks like AOE-3, the point is that various mechanics that AOE-3 proposed could be rescued, such as:

Livestock (this is not well developed in AOE-3, but at least touches the subject a bit).

Alliances with foreigners or with local populations: For example, Asians can ally with foreign powers in AOE-3 and obtain bonuses, technologies and units from those civilizations. You can also ally yourself with local towns that are on the maps. It will be viable in any era of human civilization because, for example, the Romans had barbarians integrated into their armies.

Multi-option ways of advancing age such as the US that integrates states: For example, Gresia could have a way of advancing age that resembles that of the US or Mexico where, for example, it could advance to the next age integrated ‘cities - states’ (Athens, Sparta, Corinth, Thebes, Syracuse, Aegina, Rhodes, Argos, Eretria and Elis.). Every time you choose a state you will get certain bonuses, but you give up others.

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Yes, AoE 5 would have to be set in the twentieth century, let’s stop with antiquity (AoE 1 DE, AoM, AoE Online) and the Middle Ages (AoE 2, Castle Siege, World Domination and AoE 4)… that there are other historical periods as well…

It doesn’t sound heretic, Empire Earth 1 and 2 had campaigns in the world wars and in the cold war and had very interesting concepts…In the German campaign of EE1, the first four scenarios—out of seven total—take place during World War I and feature the Manfred von Richthofen, the Red Baron. The player follows Richthofen through his early days of flight and the development of his “Flying Circus.” The first mission involves directing Richthofen and his pilot, Count Holck, to safety after their aircraft is shot down over Poland in 1915, but in subsequent missions, Richthofen is a minor character. In the next three missions, the player protects shipments of war materials into Germany, directs German forces at the Battle of Verdun, and directs the Kaiserschlacht at the Battle of the Somme.

The second part, consisting of three scenarios, deals with Nazi Germany and the first years of World War II in Europe. The first scene introduces the Blitzkrieg, in which the player has to conquer Poland, Scandinavia, and France before an American-Soviet alliance makes it impossible. The next mission deals with the German U-boat and naval blockade of Great Britain and the Battle of Britain, which features the Kriegsmarine surface fleet led by the battleship Bismarck facing off against the British Home Fleet. In the final scenario—the never-attempted Operation Sealion—the player leads German forces in an invasion of Great Britain under the famous Field Marshal Erwin Rommel, ultimately annexing the United Kingdom to the Greater German Reich and thwarting a surprise attack by the U.S. 5th Fleet (led by the carrier USS Enterprise) in the process.

In the Pacific campaign of the EE1 expansion,The Art of Conquest,comprises six distinct scenarios. The opening scenario lets the player control the Battle of Midway. This scenario concludes with the sinking of Japanese aircraft carriers Akagi, Sōryū, Kaga, and Hiryū. Then the story covers the Battle of Guadalcanal in 1943, and later the island-hopping campaign directed by Douglas MacArthur which involves killing Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto. The next scenarios include a special mission in Burma, the Battle for Leyte Gulf, and the reconquest of Leyte. The story concludes with the Battle of Iwo Jima, which is the shortest scenario in the game. It is completed by sending five Marines to the southern tip of the Island. This refers to the famous image of US Marines raising the flag of the United States at Mount Suribachi.

Then in EE2,the American Campaign is part-fact and part-fiction, set between 1898 and 2070. The first scenario is about the Spanish–American War in Cuba, followed by one about the Meuse-Argonne Offensive in World War I. The scenarios are about World War II, featuring the North African Campaign and a fictionalized version of the Ardennes Offensive. These are followed by Cold War spy missions against the Soviet Union. The next scenarios are fictionalized, about an attempted coup led by a disillusioned General Charles Blackworth against the US government; the player is charged with stopping this coup, eventually engaging Blackworth and his followers in the Amazon Rainforest. When the player wins the last scenario in this campaign, there is a short film about mankind and the Earth. When that film ends, the credits for the game are shown.

Special scenarios[edit]

There are four special scenarios in Empire Earth II called turning points. These scenarios can be played from either side of a battle or war which changed the course of history. The Normandy scenario takes place during the D-Day invasion, where the player can play as the Allies to repeat the success of Operation Overlord, or play as the Germans to stop the Allied invasion force from breaching the Atlantic Wall.