AoE2-DE replay files

Hi everyone,

maybe some of you know the page of jerbot with stats about the AoE2 civilizations and different ELO rating intervals.
Since AoE2-DE doesn’t have some sort of API (as opposed to games like Dota 2)…

  1. …I wonder how one can get access to the data of thousands of matches. Maybe by asking the AoE2-DE developers who can possibly grant you access via a file server? And…
  2. …in which form do you get the information, probably replay files?..
    3 …And if so, is there any document that describes the structure of AoE2 replay files so that one can parse them? I’ve seen that there exists a replay parser for AoE2-HD, but I guess that the replay files of AoE2-DE have a different structure.

I’d be happy for every piece of information I can get about this topic.

Thanks in advance & regards

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Well, if Voobly supports the game, we will have more matches on Voobly than on the servers

Hi, you can find my recorded game parser here: It provides basic parsing of DE recorded games (as well as Userpatch).

I too would like to be able to download from match history, like on Voobly.