Aoe2records file format

Hello. I like esports and I like statistics, and I think I have some interesting ideas regarding AoE2 statistics.

On games like CSGO and Dota, the developer has disclosed how their replay files are structured, so people like me can go in and extract interesting information from the files. I found some resources online ( and that helped me understand a little bit about it, and I’m making do with what I have for now, but there are lot of unknowns, plus I’m antecipating that those resources are outdated with DE’s release.

If there any developers reading these, could you please share the documentation for the replay files?

5 Likes will have DE support soon.


Basic support has been added. Ask if you have any questions!


Good work!! Thank you for your efforts.

■■■■ yes, thank you!! I’ll play with it in the weekend!