I know this is jumping the gun but do you think we will see new civs in the DE?


Looking at how much content AoE2 got in the past years, I am definitely expecting at least 3 new civs and a new campaign.


The problem is not perhaps to know if they are able but rather if the time offers them the opportunity I think. It’s the era of great empires focused on colonization so in Europe I do not think so. But we can no longer ask the question in America or Asia may add additional “indigenous” but it will require balancing I think.

That would be awesome!

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Estimated Released date for 3 DE ?


Thanks for sharing the infarmation! Is this twitter a trustable source?

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2020 is the most likely release year. They will start talking about AoE3DE and AoE4 either at Gamescom 2019 in August or at XO19 in November.


Totally! He’s an official microsoft insider.

Not sure it will be coming so soon. AoE3 is a lot more advanced and will probably require a lot of reworked assets, and even more testing to make sure the engine (completely different from AoE 1 and 2) doesn’t unravel. My guess is it will be coming 2021 with the prerelease marketing starting in 2020.

I agree with you we will have to check this out very soon but all the DEs must come out before the 4 thrify you really expect to see the 4 in 2022?

Let them get AOE:DE on steam and then I’ll be more interested in ‘release dates’.

Its coming. Not much longer now I think

Normally they announced the first DE on steam for this summer vacation so very soon

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I hope they do, its a great game :slight_smile:

I never really played 3 till about a few months ago. I still think its really really good.

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Seeing how AOE 2 DE got new campaign I think AOE 3 DE would get them too.


Most likely Napolic Era since Forgotten team hired NE mod’s lead dev. Assets already exists (Forgotten empires mod existed and it was implemented to aoe2hd as an expansion). Fits perfectly if rebalanced.

Could also be Wars of Liberty stuff, but that mod is more like total conversion than an expansion pack.

I really want 4 new nations