Aoe3 is in a vicious cycle

Firstly, AOE 2 and 4 have many more players than Aoe 3, so their opinions cannot be ignored.The World’s Edge needs to pay more attention to their feelings.
Secondly, there are a large number of fans of Empire 2 in the World’s Edge.They themselves don’t like Aoe 3, so naturally they consciously ignore Aoe 3.
This will create a vicious cycle, with 2 and 4 players increasing and 3 being deliberately ignored.
The players of 2 and 4 can get many things,dlc,update.But for 3,They don’t even want to give us a small update to fix the bugs.Players of the Aoe 3 just like motherless children can only wait for others’ alms.


It can survive on its own. No need to work on it any more → player number drops → no need to work on it any more → player number drops → no need to work on it any more → player number drops → no need to work on it any more

I simply cannot understand what they want to do. After the game finally attracted a huge amount of players with the highest peak in two years, they decided to ignore it again. No hotfix. No roadmap (never). Not even “what’s on the horizon”. The promised “better communication” and “more exposure” we ever got is the routine civ rotation announcement. Do they think new players grow on trees?

What is their plan with the game? Do they really want to increase its popularity? Or do they just want to put it on ventilator and forget about it?

I began to believe the 200k player mission is a means to persuade themselves the game is not meeting its expectations, so they can safely abandon it. WE, if you want to do it just do it. No need make you and us painful.

I’d like to kindly remind you COH3 has only <2000 active players now with barely positive reviews. The developers are still working on it, though quite slowly. And they at least have a roadmap.

Never have I seen a company hates its own product so much.

Edit: I need to clarify I respect every single individual in the dev team that had interacted with us, but I don’t trust the higher-ups or WE overall.


Because they are basically fans of 2 and 4, many of them have no feelings or even dislike 4, hoping that it will disappear. Therefore, they deliberately adopt this disgusting method to treat 3.Imagine that if there are fans of 3 in WE now, would 3 be like this?


Many players of 2 and 4 hate 3 just because it‘s game mode is vastly different from before.


And well, it’s another type of warfare (early modern warfare), it’s a simple matter of getting used to it…afterwards, the issue of card decks is debatable…but AoE 3 is still a pure and simple AoE…

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you just got a massive update that visually change units by civs and adding new units to russians… what more things you want? give them some item to cook more stuff


What we need is they Don’t deliberately ignore the Aoe3,the last update is not enough(Their attitude can be seen after a delay of nearly two months).And the bugs of Maigadi、Culverin and Organ gun should be fixed.

Their deliberate neglect is really unbearable

As a temporal solution, I offer this Maigadi fix. It simply reverts the old model for maigadi. Mods Single - Age of Empires

Personally speaking, since the game was released in 2020, I have been playing this game for almost four years. This month has been the least since I opened this game, almost a year and a half since last year’s update on the Mediterranean, and a year since the major update on France, Germany, and Europe. I have played almost every one of the 22 existing countries in the game hundred times, and the subsequent updates are mostly a large number of small balance updates, There’s nothing exciting new, which makes me turn to other games


why dont play age of the world mod? :neutral_face:

Because for Age of Empires 3 DE, no matter how excellent the content provided by the MOD, it is more fragmented and uncoordinated than the official version of the game, and it is difficult to find more partners to play with. Aren’t these reasons enough?


Its made by 1 guy. Even if it is fragmented you cant easily design 17 civs on your own with your own vision, AOTW’s community is small. But its a symbol of hope and good show of potential for new ideas for the developers if they choose to open their Eyes to AOE3.

I hope AOE 3 will 1 day get the attention it deserves that will give this guy’s work a better spotlight! Same with your cool mods Gwentmaster.


I hope you can realize that what I said was aimed at the friend above who asked players why they don’t play MOD, and I gave my own thoughts.
I don’t have a problem with any mod developers, many times the ############ in the visual elements of mods is because they don’t have the proper tools that game developers do. And the inability to find more people online for multiplay is a self-evident fact.
But in fact, inevitably, including the MODs I have made myself, there are problems that I myself say. Because I am a MODDer myself, I know exactly why I expect the game management officials to add more content to the game. 以上。


I dont think it is being deliberately ignored. just the smaller player base results in less money spent on developing it. there is plenty of updates over the years

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It does not have to be actual updates.
I can even do with “What’s on the horizon: check the next major update in Spring”. Now we don’t even have anything like that either.
Don’t tell me you don’t have a plan at all. Many things were made months prior to the release like the “July” PUP. The updates were spotted as early as April.
If you really don’t, then it IS still a plan.

See how low the requirements have become. In the beginning we expecting new civs. Then updates. Then hotfixes. Then plans for hotfixes. Next time we probably will be in tears if anyone official even attended to the discussion here. Perfect mental manipulation I have to say.


My opinion is they ignore it because it makes AoE 4 look bland and non innovative, and they don’t want people to go play that game instead of their newest installment. If they really wanted more player for the whole series they would advertise all of them more or less equally and people would find the one that they like the best.


Then why they put it on free trial mode with a monthly 200k player objective…I don’t understand. Feels like multiple personalities infighting.


The trouble is that people want more than skins, they want something new to do or something to shake up the gameplay.


As is the drama in here.