Aoe3 is in a vicious cycle

I just hope that this will be just until AoM is released

I can see AoM having a bigger base than AoE3. Aoe4 and Aoe2 players will probably try it, just because it isn’t AoE 3, and they will like it due to its nature of being similar to them, but also very magical feel with the god powers.

AoM is currently what aoe4 is trying to be but given AoM is based on mythology, it doesn’t need to strict itself to historical mechanism, just lore’s and lore can be interpreted.

i’d say aoe3 is still the most mechanically similar game to aom, think of aom as the missing link between 2 and 3


I understand… but the mod is so good it feels like an expansion, I thought everyone is engaged with it

I see we are back in the AOE 3 is dead doom cycle

its like new contents are drugs or something


it is called doom not because of no news of new content. No news for multiple bugs fix which have been called out for 2 month straight, is

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Yes, that’s true…sometimes they are a little careless…

True, but it is still a spin off of the saga…

Yes, in fact when AoE 3 came out people said it was a “colonial AoM version”… it happened to me when I tried it after playing AoE 3 and AoE 2 and I said rightly so, I was missing AoM…

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Besides the Maigadi visual bug there is nothing game breaking atm, civs being broken sure but nothing that cant be solved when it gets solved

There was a 4 month gap between the this patch and the patch before and there were even weirder stuff in that patch, Italy cheese, aenna ROF

You can just play the game, or if its unbearable then take a break and touch some grass. Its not worth obsessing over


What are you guys talking about?
Why do you get the impression that Worlds Edge hates AoE3???

AoE3DE just got a free update that reworked Royal Guard units and added a lot of new unit models to the game on top of a bunch of other new stuff.
That’s easily more unit models then any AoE2DE DLC has ever gotten (besides Return of Rome, but I’m not even sure about that).

They also decided to make AoE3DE free to play (or more like free to try out) which is not something you’d do with a game that you don’t care about.

If we ignore Return of Rome, because it’s not really AoE2, AoE3DE has gotten the same number of DLC since release as AoE2DE did.
How is AoE2 more liked by the developers?
Did you count the number of Tweets promoting AoE2 compared to AoE3 or what metric are you using?


lol, Maigadi visuals bug is the one you worried least.
one stand out is italian fort, but there are a whole page of game breaking bug reported in the very forum.

again, no one is talking doom on the 4 month patch of new content. a hotfix should be done 2 month before now already. some of the bug fix are even posted by the bug reporter, they just need to CTRL+C to their code.

Yet, no hotfix or announcement of the announcement of hotfix

That’s true, maybe it just needs better promotion of the game…

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Yes and no.

Promotion costs money.
It’s only worth it if you can get people to buy your product.
And you can measure how many people actually buy your game after you promoted it. Not hard to calculate if it’s worth promoting more.

Just because you and I love the game doesn’t mean it necessarily has the potential to be very popular.

And things that could make the game more successful at attracting new players might be things that would alienate the existing players.

Unlike AoE4 (sorry) I don’t see any mistakes the development team is doing for AoE3DE.
Yes nothing is perfect and X or Y is currently unbalanced or they haven’t updated your favourite civilisation yet or aren’t adding the civilisation you want.
But there will be things that are unbalanced and for everything they add there are a million they didn’t add. If they would have added the thing you wanted instead of the thing they did then someone else would make a thread that they didn’t add the thing he wanted.

If they had added the Persians how many people would want them to add Italy?

People cry for more campaigns but how many people have actually played the Single Player content?


that one tbh is not even that important, its a stupid thing but even with it italy is still not as busted as they were in the previous patch where they were turtling since age 2 and the FI-ing out skirms in age 4.

things would be perfect without the fort thing but its nowhere near as bad as before.

same with stuff like jpk promtion and south african imperial war wagon, hella annoying and completely broken. doesn’t mean the game is unplayable.

heck we have had worse before for longer.

edit: heck we literally had a ram bug that caused the game to crash for 2 months

and even inca had a damage bug on the jungle bowman that no one noticed for months as well

edit edit: there is also still a bug when swtiching hand infantry between modes that litterally causes instant lag spike that is still there since over a year ago

Things will get fix when they get fixed, just because they aint saying anything doesnt mean anything

Fact is they keep saying as much as possible for other games, throwing as much teaser as much possible months ahead, yet they say very little (now none) for this game.

That does mean something.


so it means we are not the favorite child or that we are the neglected middle sibling

and this is somehow surprising to people?

and does that even matter?

the game lived for years without official support. It will be fine without it

We only know if it means something in a few months from now.

There is no written rule that they have to tease us about new DLC or other things.

Also they often only start teasing relatively early before they release something.
The US DLC or the Mexican DLC were a relatively big surprise until very shortly before release. I remember people shouting “Italy confirmed” over the first screenshot.

On the other hand I think they are currently busy helping out with AoMR which is running on the AoE3DE engine.
It is also confirmed that the AoE2DE team is helping with the AoE4 development too, which might explain the relatively slower release of new content for that game too.

I’m not even talking about DLC.

Is a simple hotfix plan so difficult to make and announce or is it top confidential? We had “what’s on the horizon” (very vague ones) with plans that come months later before. Now we don’t even have that. Is it that difficult?

We literally had no roadmap from the beginning. But the works need to start months ahead of the announcement. The plan starts even earlier. Is there no plan to announce like in other games?

They promised better communication. What do we get?

Last time they suddenly closed the PUP with no information for a month and a half, and people had to speculate “they need to avoid overlapping with updates of other games” from the very limited and vague information they finally were willing to give. Is it any better now? No. Because there is literally no information anymore.

(No disrespect to the developers. They need to be approved to say anything)


I’d prefer to know more about the development to but I don’t just assume the game is dead because they forgot to add a “What is on the horizon” section in the last patchnotes.

Yes they should communicate better, but no we should not assume the game is dead because of that.

It’s multiple things combined.

Typically putting a game semi-free means either they have more future plans to expand it, or they are putting the game on ventilator with minimum support and milking the last from it.

Then they happen to forget putting a what’s on the horizon.
And we happen to have no small patches for quite a while.
And they happen to turn complete radio silence again.

I can’t help associating these things.

Better communication can solve a lot of problems. I believe if anyone comes out and say “we are preparing for a patch next month”, or next spring, or even next year, some including myself will be satisfied.
Like if they first introduced the concept of “variant civs” and how the civs are designed instead of suddenly throwing out the “Jeanne d’Arc civ” “Empire of Jade civ” all the same time on the official page, those who dislike that design will continue to dislike it, but a lot of the drama and overboard speculations will not happen.

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Yeah their PR department is not the best.

They often run into issues like that.
I don’t really understand it.

But because they are bad at communicating I wouldn’t read to much into it.