AoE4 AI Names, player colors, villager selection

In a game with multiple AI players, when the player is given a message that the “Intermediate AI has advanced to Age II” it is unknown which AI has advanced.

The odd decision of having the player color constantly be blue=self, red=player 2, green=player 3, yellow=player 4 is also a very strange design choice, which would make it hard to coordinate during multiplayer games when there are multiple players on the opposing side using the same faction and someone says “Attack yellow” only for his teammate to attack the green player.

Regarding villager selection, when selecting a large number of clumped-up villagers, how is it possible to only select a certain number of them without shift-clicking on each individual villager?


Agreed, player colour is something I would like to see make a return in all lobbies. Why in custom singleplayer should the player be forced to play the British as Blue and face the French in Red?

Player colour is a legacy feature that must not be tossed aside, as to build upon the past entries, I would recommend providing a wider colour pate rather than removing the ability to pick faction colour all together.


There’s some game components that definitely need reconstruction. Totally agree - we should have option to assign colors and assign names to the AI players.

Also from previous versions is the option to randomly assign the armies instead of being forced to choose them prior to starting the match.

I’m only about a week into playing at this point. Lots of great improvements, love the graphics, and computer players seem smarter. I know the fine tuning is coming and hope colors, names, and random armies make it into the earlier iterations.

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I concur, with the point too that we ought to be able to assign a nation as “Random” in the lobby.

Another very small addition that I think would add some uniqueness to each player would be to add each players banner to their keeps, gates, and town centers. Serves no practical game purpose other than identifying players but it would really add some authenticity to the outer defensive structures. just a thought.


That’s a pretty cool idea actually, if it’s technically possible at some point.